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SteamPink: Express car

Penelope Pinion
SteamPink Doll
Shana of Kreating Insecurities
Kreating Insecurities on etsy
Kreating Insecurities on deviantart

*** Steampunk book & doll giveaway ***

Open to all.

Offer ends: June 14, 2010


Contest has ended - winner is here


TO DO (3-parts):

1. Visit Shana's deviantart site and tell me what other kreation catches your eye.

2. Visit at least 2 authors listed below and tell me something about those you visited in the comments.

+1 for extra authors you visit

Kage Baker of The Women of Nell Gwynne's

Elizabeth Bear of New Amsterdam

Gail Carriger of Soulless

Ciar Cullen of Steamside Chronicles

Gail Dayton of New Blood

Bonnie Dee of Like Clockwork

Kate Elliott of Cold Magic

Paul Genesse of The Nubian Queen

Nathalie Gray of Full Steam Ahead

O.M. Grey of Avalon Revisited

Sarah A. Hoyt of Heart of Light

Stephen Hunt of The Kingdom Beyond the Waves

Pauline B. Jones of Tangled in Time

K.H. Koehler of Black Jack Derringer

Katie MacAlister of Steamed

Liz Maverick of Crimson & Steam

Kate Milford of The Boneshaker

Jon Munger of Virtuoso

Dru Pagliassotti of Clockwork Heart

Cherie Priest of Boneshaker

Regina Riley of Clockworks and Corsets

Ekaterina Sedia of The Alchemy Of Stone

Calista Taylor of Viridis

Ben H. Winters of Android Karenina

Mystery Robin

3. Complete the 5 question survey which will be posted on the last day of SteamPink week, Saturday, June 12.

============train tip============
Express cars carried high value freight in passenger consists. These cars resembled baggage cars, though in some cases specially equipped box cars or refrigerator cars were used.
- wikipedia

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  1. Shana's stuff is so cute! : ) I'm totally amazed at her talent. Matchstick Mary & Bianca the Werewolf are both so very cute!

    On Gail Carriger: the Soulless dress up doll was fun. It reminded me of the paper dolls I had (and made new outfits for with my crayons) when I was little. : ) Awesome!

    OM Grey gave away a pair of steampunk goggles & I didn't know in time to enter! But I won't pout.

    I love the organized mess that is Kate MacAlister's desk. Reminds me of what mine looks like (only much more lacking in the "organized" category).

    Kate Elliot's description of her new Steampunk series just makes me want to read it so very much! "Afro-Celtic post-Roman icepunk Regency fantasy with Bonus! airship, Phoenician spies, and the intelligent descendants of troodons." Awesome!

    I don't often visit author's sites (though I love book blogs... weird, right?) and this was fun! Thanks for the train stop here. : )

    ambience.of.rain {at}

  2. It may come as no surprise but my favourite dolls are Zombie Zoey and Love Pig!

    And now for my long list of comments about those sites:
    *Kage Baker - Sky Coyote sounds intriguing, I might try it if I ever run across it
    *Elizabeth Bear - I must confess I have Dust on my tbr pile, but keep skipping it for other books.
    *Gail Carriger - Ooh! She's got a long list of Steampunk books and magazines on her site.
    I might forgive her the ending of Changeless, but only if she makes up for it in Blameless.
    *Gail Dayton - An author I definately have to put on my tbr list
    *Nathalie Gray - Ouch.... those are some ugly covers. Not my taste at all. The stories do sounds like they might be nice though.
    *O.M. Grey - cool corsets and Avalon Revisited sounds cool.
    *Sarah A. Hoyt - Her Magical British Empire series sounds really cool. Put it on my tbr list
    *Stephen Hunt - I hate sites that have movies and sounds that automatically start, but the books sound cool
    *Katie MacAlister - I love her Dark Ones series and I really should get Steamed too, but there's just too many books I still want to buy
    *Liz Maverick - another writer I should put on my tbr list
    *Jon Munger - Meh..
    *Dru Pagliassotti - Very curious about Clockwork Heart. another one for my tbr list
    *Cherie Priest - Oh! Two more Steampunk books! Cool.
    *Regina Riley - As I said before: ebooks! Why ebooks?
    *Calista Taylor - sounds ok. Might check it out.
    *Kate Elliott, Paul Genesse, Pauline B. Jones, K.H. Koehler, Kate Milford, Ekaterina Sedia, Ben H. Winters and Mystery Robin - Meh... no vibe yet

  3. I love Cupid: Consumer of Hearts! These dolls are beautiful!*-*

    I visit very often O.M. Grey because of her interesting posts on steampunk artists I don't know.

    Kate Milford's site is very lovely. After reading her new book I visit her site daily hoping to discover more about future works!

    In Dru Pagliassotti' site it is very interesting reading about her journey in Japan!

    I love Alexia's London section in Gail Carriger's site!*-*

  4. I really love the plushies at Kreating Insecurities... so unique and so adorable. I gotta say the Love Pig is ADORABLE and Cupid, Consumer of Hearts is hilarious and just perfect. Love it!

    Elizabeth Bear: Wow, her birthday is shared with Frodo and Bilbo Baggins?? Sweet. I love that you can read some of her short stories right on the webstite; it's very handy and I love short fiction to get to know an author.

    Gail Carriger: I love how intricate her posts are, and how she shares her outfits for the Con with us via pictures. I love the online paper doll too, I'll admit it. :P

    O.M. Grey: It's no secret that I think O.M. Grey has one of the single greatest pennames of all time (even if it's her real name, it looks amazing in print -- so mysterious!) and her blog has a fantastic name too. Caught in the Cogs is just perfect to attract the attention of a passing steampunker. ;) She always has great links for interesting steampunk stuff online.

    Katie MacAlister: I had read her yummy book Steamed a few months ago and loved it. Her website is really professional and I thought it was interesting that she didn't set out to be a writer until she was asked to write a non-fiction book. Funny how things work out!

    Kate Milford: Great title. Also - the blurb about her book in the newspaper on the front page of her blog... You had me at the word "carnival". I'm SO getting this book.

    Cherie Priest: Oo dang! TWO books called "Boneshaker." They must both be badass. Gonna get this one too, for good measure. Also it's nice to see on her blog that she's encouraging her readers to be aware of the oil spill and get involved in environmental issues.

    Regina Riley: She looks so sweet in her photo! I definitely want to check out her Clockworks and Corsets, as Rose Madigan sounds like a heroine to be reckoned with.

  5. I love Shana's "Walnut Owls". I love owls, I love walnuts and well it works so perfectly yes?

    Author Tidbits

    Kage Baker: Her short story in the upcoming Dozier anthology about dragons has me excited for the book. "Are you afflicted with DRAGONS?" is such a cool story name.

    Elizabeth Bear: I need to find her 'disavowed' story "Love in Idleness" just to see why she no longer wants to take credit for it...

    Gail Carriger: She makes an excellent point her post about the age gap with vampires. (as witty as ever I might add).

    Gail Dayton: That I need to visit her hometown to see the huge Victorian Christmas celebrations!

    Kate Elliot: That I somehow managed to miss one of her Crown of Stars novels...>.>

    Paul Genesse: That I need to read more by this author now. Pirates of thr Blue Kingdoms!!

    Nathalie Gray: That she is one of my favorite e-book cover artists Kanexa!!

    O.M. Grey: That she follows one of my favorite Steampunk designers on Etsy Lilly's Workshop!


  6. My favorite creation is the Link keychain with Fairy. I just love Legend of Zelda and this is too cute!

    Kage Baker: The Women of Nell Gwynne’s sounds like it will be good, and I might also try The Empress of Mars.

    Elizabeth Bear: First time I heard of her novels, her Promethean Age series looks like it would be good.

    Gail Carriger: I love The Soulless Victorian dress up doll!

    Gail Dayton: Definitely adding her books to my wish list! Both Heart’s Blood and New Blood sound really good.

    Kate Elliot: Can’t wait to read Cold Magic!

    O.M. Grey: I want to read her book Avalon Revisited soo bad! It sounds fabulous!

    Sarah a. Hoyt: Added her Magical British Empire series to my TBR list. Loved reading the excerpts she had from each of the books.


  7. Zombie Zoey is one of my faves!

    1.Kage Baker: She has 2 World Fantasy Award Noms

    2.Elizabeth Bear: She shares a birthday with Frodo and Bilbo

    3.Gail Carriger: She has "What I Wore" posts on her blog with some awesome vintage clothes

    4.Gail Dayton: She used to have an adorable dalmation named Spot

    5.Kate Elliott: Her real name is Alis A. Rasmussen

    6.Paul Genesse: Him and his wife collect frogs and dragons

    7.Nathalie Gray: She is an ex-soldier

    8.O.M. Grey: She does a Steampunk Spotlight on her blog of great etsy shops

    9.Sarah A. Hoyt: She was born in Portugal!

    10.Stephen Hunt: His first book was 'For the Crown and the Dragon'

    11.Pauline B. Jones: For four years, she wrote a humor column

    12.K.H. Koehler: She apparently loves monsters

    13.Katie MacAlister: She writes for YA audience as Katie Maxwell

    14.Liz Maverick: She holds a BS from UC Berkeley, a CPA, and an MBA from

    15.Kate Milford: she has a signing on the 12th at Books of Wonder, NYC

    16.Jon Munger: Virtuoso is an alternate history of Africa

    17.Dru Pagliassotti: She teaches in the communication department of California Lutheran University

    18.Cherie Priest: She has a cat named Spain

    19.Regina Riley: She loves to crochet!

    20.Ekaterina Sedia: She was born and raised in Moscow

    21.Calista Taylor: She likes making pottery

    22.Ben H. Winters: He has worked on the Worst-Case Scenarios series

    23.Mystery Robin: She likes jazz

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  8. My favorite creation is Blanca the Werewolf! So cute, yet so evil looking :-)

    Kage Baker: I have had The Women of Nell Gwynne's on my wishlist for a while and am also looking forward to her new book Nell Gwynne's Scarlet Spy.

    Gail Carriger: Love this series and am very excited that Blameless comes out in September. I love how Carriger keeps a cup of tea count for her events :-)

    Gail Dayton: I have her One Rose trilogy at home to read. Looks like you can subscribe to a new newsletter that she is sending out.

    Dru Pagliassotti: Clockwork Heart is another book I am dying to read. Very cool that she is blogging from Japan right now.

    Cherie Priest: Looks like she is trying to help people find way to help wildlife for the recent oil-spill. I am looking forward to the next book in her Clockwork Century series too.

  9. 1. Deviantart:
    I think the Air Balloon by pushok 1983 is very steampunk !

    Stephen Hunt:

    I love The Hunt Droid V-III. Very colorful.
    I have never heard of the institutions he attended (Saint Martins, the London College of Printing, Camberwell College of Arts, Chelsea College of Art and Design and the London College of Fashion) or the publications he wrote for (ProtoStellar, Expanse, Roleplayer Independent and Hologram Tales).

    Kate Milford.

    I think I need a poster to paste up everywhere like the one on her blog for the Boneshaker. I already have the perfect name from the steampunk namer !

    I am stopping at two.


    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  10. Those dolls are so CUTE! How can I decide which is my favorite when they're all adorable? I'm really loving Adara the Twilight girl, though! :-)

    Stephen Hunt has the coolest page with that little robot reading the book. He won the WH Smith talent award, which is super rad. It seems like his books have been translated into quite a few langauges!

    Cherie Priest wrote a ton of books before Boneshaker, which I didn't know. Those Who Went Remain There Still looks sort of awesome. I think I want to read all of her books!

  11. all her work is sooo soo adorable!
    these r a few of the ones i like Adara the twilight girl , Maddy and Maddox ,Cupid: Consumer of Hearts

    Kage Baker: Passed on Jan 31 and iwll be greatly missed

    Elizabeth Bear: her cover art for her books rocks the one i love the most ins Carnival and cover artist is Steve Stone of New Amsterdam

    Gail Carriger: Parasols rock and i have to say i cant wait for her last book to come out in sept i so love the cover art for them

    Ciar Cullen: of Steamside Chronicles is available from smash words for 99cents or witha coupon code todya can get it for free

    Gail Dayton: is a new author so will be checking out all her books

    Bonnie Dee: has two free reads on her site ones Gift exchange and the other one is A beating heart deff be checking those out

    Kate Elliott:another new author to me will be checking these out too

    Paul Genesse: o0o dragons i have to say im a dragon lover liken this site already

    Nathalie Gray: on july 1 her story in the anthology Secrets 29 comes out

    O.M. Grey: i have to say im soo soo excited tor ead this book and i never k new that she posts artist spotlights thats awesome and will be checking out some of the spotlighters work

    Sarah A. Hoyt: she has alot to offer its cool to see she grew up ina cool place that literally translate sto place lol sounds awesome

    Stephen Hunt: what acute lil robot on the front page

    Pauline B. Jones: I love paulines books! and i cant wait to read Girl Gone nova she has contests all the time check her out

    K.H. Koehler: hum i like the feel of this site and the new book is out is called Raiju didnt know they did cover art b ut thats so cool

    Katie MacAlister: I love steamed first off ave to say that lol Katie has extra content on her site for her book Steamed chekc it out

    Liz Maverick: i didnt know Liz wa son fox news to discuss erotic books thats pretty cool her very first bpook mark is on her site as well very sexy lol

    Kate Milford: what a cool site and the clock work book sounds awesome and she has a book signing on june 2 sorry to have missed that bet it was fun

    Jon Munger: the cover page for virtuoso is cool deff awesome

    Dru Pagliassotti: love the picture from Osaka

    Cherie Priest: cant wait to check out Hellbent when comes out another new to me author

    Regina Riley: Lucky Stiff is a work in progress deff something id like to check it out another new author to me

    Ekaterina Sedia: interesting that she teaches Botony sounds interesting love the site

    Calista Taylor: how cool she posted alot of steam punk pics my fav one is the first one where the girls sitting in the chair and she will be atending a romcon in july

    Ben H. Winters: neat another author who made a classic with a twist

    Mystery Robin: thats a pretty cool scarf deff would wanan learn to knitt just to make one lol cool postabout knitting

    took the survey

  12. Shana's dolls all look very cute, but my favourite was the Love Pig. So sweet!

    Ekaterina Sedia was born and brought up in Russia - although she now lives in the Us with her husband and cats. Alchemy of Stone looks very interesting; her other novel, The Secret History of Moscow, might also be intriguing.

    Ben H. Winters says the H. stands for "humanlike" (lol). He's funny, and also quite good-looking, which doesn't hurt.

    Kate Elliott is actually a pen name - her real name is Alis Rasmussen. She's giving away two signed ARCs of Cold Magic, one to a US reader and the other to an international reader! Cool! The giveaway ends on June 15, so you might want to hurry and enter.

    Elizabeth Bear's website just won't load for me at the moment. Umpf.

    Robin Mystery likes strong coffee and knitting. She's working on her second steampunk YA novel.


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