Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SteamPink: Private car - meeting

Private Car
Reserved for Society meeting

Members (old and new) of the Society are gathering in the Private car this morning including you.

Clusters of ladies are either seated or standing in small conversations. Others are looking out the window in contemplation or fussing with gloves and hats.

What are you doing as you wait for the meeting to begin?

Here some of the people present:

AlyFredaNoni aka Lexie
CeliaMarjorieSullivan McPig
CharlotteMary AnnThrouthehaze
ChristaMidnight CowgirlTrisha
MistyVixen Pearl

Meeting agenda for the Society includes:

--much talk of the upcoming Expo - particularly on (steampunk) books presented at vvb's exhibit

--presentation of Professor McGregor's latest gizmos

--guest speaker, Heather Massey on Steampunk Heroines

--presentation of Giada's findings from Italy

--presentation of Noni's findings from Asia

--presentation of Jane and Jade's findings from Africa

vvb is now standing at the podium and calls the meeting to order.


* image source Governor's Lounge car layout

* part of Jane and Jade Escapades, my steampunk story in which commenters may be incorporated into the story and have guest appearances the following week.

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