Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SteamPink: Private car - meeting

Private Car
Reserved for Society meeting

Members (old and new) of the Society are gathering in the Private car this morning including you.

Clusters of ladies are either seated or standing in small conversations. Others are looking out the window in contemplation or fussing with gloves and hats.

What are you doing as you wait for the meeting to begin?

Here some of the people present:

AlyFredaNoni aka Lexie
CeliaMarjorieSullivan McPig
CharlotteMary AnnThrouthehaze
ChristaMidnight CowgirlTrisha
MistyVixen Pearl

Meeting agenda for the Society includes:

--much talk of the upcoming Expo - particularly on (steampunk) books presented at vvb's exhibit

--presentation of Professor McGregor's latest gizmos

--guest speaker, Heather Massey on Steampunk Heroines

--presentation of Giada's findings from Italy

--presentation of Noni's findings from Asia

--presentation of Jane and Jade's findings from Africa

vvb is now standing at the podium and calls the meeting to order.


* image source Governor's Lounge car layout

* part of Jane and Jade Escapades, my steampunk story in which commenters may be incorporated into the story and have guest appearances the following week.

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  1. The group of ladies around me is rather dull this morning -- not much is being said. I keep fiddling with my parasol, which seems not to be quite the thing -- I borrowed it from my friend Alexia, and it just seems as if it is always about to *do* something...

  2. Stella sits together chatting with Charlotte, Brizmus and Vixen Pearl, but when the sound of chatter dies away around them looking up, she sees that vvb is standing on the podium waiting to speak. She hushes her chatty companions so they can all hear what vvb has to say about today's programs.

    While vvb explains the different events and presentations, waiters soundlessly circulate with delicious mini canap├ęs and other delicacies. Mmm. that mini tiramisu ├ęclair was mindblowing, Waiter, please come back here!

  3. I'm nervous--and that's something right there. When you go out into the world to be your own person, well it takes a certain amount of bravery to do that to begin with. For one thing, despite our modern age and marvels, people still assume too much about what women should want in life.

    For another sometimes it can be very lonely.

    But that's not what I'm nervous about today. There's something like 3 dozen other participants sitting around anxiously fiddling while Our Lady Speaker Velvet talks about the forthcoming events. And there's the ringer, she's going to be talking about my photos from the Immortal Empress's Forbidden Kingdom.

    I'm not used to people shining light on my past deeds--my life won't hold up to the muster. Now you want to praise my hard work you go right ahead, just make sure you praise me with food and good drink while you talk!

    Speaking of which that blousy waiter keeps ignoring me. I wonder what would happen if I marched over to him...

  4. Ah, meetings. They can't be avoided, can they? Good thing I brought a book in my traveling bag. Now if only I could get a cup of hot chocolate, too...

  5. Mary Ann, much to her chagrin, has just become aware that the incurably naughty Leggs has helped himself to Stella's eclair (and without her permission!).

    Demurely depositing the recalcitrant spider inside her reticule, Mary Ann leans across the aisle to borrow a fresh kerchief from Misty to cleanse the remains of pastry cream from her fingers. Regina points to Vvb patiently poised at the podium, so the girls settle back to await the presentation.

  6. The meeting agenda sounds really interesting! I was looking out the window but now It's time to pay attention. Let's begin! :)

  7. I am sitting very quietly sipping on my drink and eyeballing all.

  8. I had to go to the bathroom, and got lost coming back. It is nice to see Misty saved me a seat. Thank you.
    I can't see over Sullivan McPig's head, but I can hear Velvet, so I am still content. Though I am wondering when tea time will be, I am hungry for crumpets.

  9. I trying to concentrate on what Velvet is saying but the hat I'm wearing keeps slipping off when I turn my head ,I wonder if I should go change it .

  10. My dear, Nastassia, don't leave. The meeting has just started. I have an extra hairpin in my reticule.
    -neighbor seated to the right of Nastassia

  11. Brizmus thinking that this is extraordinarily dull. Each time a waiter passes by, she takes ANOTHER drink, and it is potentially starting to get to her. All of the ladies are chatting about the most recent gossip, but it seems that nothing interesting has happened. Brizmus is chatting with Stella, Charlotte, and Vixen Pearl, but she is secretly trying to eavesdrop on the conversation going on behind her, as it sounds like there might be a scandal.

  12. I've only just arrived after yet another time-travel that went wrong. Did I miss something? Why is everybody gone?


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