Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Northanger Abbey mashup

Northanger Abbey
and the attack
of the Shrubbery

by Jane Austen and vvb

The story starts out innocently enough. Catherine is taking a walk in the gardens of Northanger Abbey. She stops to admire the unnamed statue. When she turns she is witness to one of the most epic battles between the Shrubbery and Garden Trolls.

Shrubbery branches and leaves fly into the air as the Garden Trolls hack away.

The Gnomes of the patio and Pink Flamingoes of the front lawn join in the fray.

Oh, dear!

Will Mr Henry Tilney arrive in time to save Catherine from this nightmare?


* taking a stroll in the shrubbery may not necessarily be a pleasant (or safe) venture...

* image source The Shrubbery, garden troll, gnome and pink flamingoes.

* a vvb monster mashup creation for my Jane in June

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  1. You*Are*Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

    My Dearest Catherine,
    Please DO so be aware that there (lately) has been a most annoying resurgence of ill-tempered Garden Trolls.
    While I cannot declare with precision as to what specific event has piqued their ire THIS season, one may speculate on a certain abundance of Dagon-ites (slugs if one is to be so vulgar) in the vicintity.
    If one were to ask MY opinion, as it currently stands on matters of a horticultural nature, I would state that tensions *should* have been resolved with the Percy/Cthulu/Dreadfuls Treaty of 1879.
    However,stictly between we ladies,I would take issue with the Gnomes - whom (as we are well aware) delight in exaccerbating whatever turmoil they can give rise to fester between the denizens of our *otherwise* peaceful gardens.

    My Sincerest Sympathies with both Yourself and The Innocent Victims (Shrubberies)

  2. ROFL - and what of the flamigoes? what say you on their behavior?

  3. Dearest Catherine,
    Honestly, you DO surprise me - for it is no small coincidence that just this afternoon during tea (we girls love our sconces, do we not?)I happened to overhear our gardener - *Mr. Leopold, the semi-Dreadful with a rather bad case of dropsy in all his digits* - remark upon the glutonous nature of our particular flock!
    According to Leopold, when the Fuscia Birdicus (Flamingo to many)consumes a surfeit of garden snakes, he(the bird, not the gardener)develops a permanent serpentine deformity of the throat region.
    Short of surgical intervention, there is little to be done.
    Sadly, this deformity impinges upon the Fuscia Birdicus' spine to eventually ill affect the brain.
    The end result is nothing short of complete imbecility for the unfortunate bird.
    In essence, the Flamingos are highly unpredictable. If they (Heavens!)have joined in the debacle, do keep an eye on the situation. Volatile may be an understatement!

    With Great Trepidation,
    Your Friend,
    Mary Ann

  4. Sounds hilarious for a mash up! I love gnomes, trolls and pink flamingos!


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