Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Northanger Abbey mashup

Northanger Abbey
and the attack
of the Shrubbery

by Jane Austen and vvb

The story starts out innocently enough. Catherine is taking a walk in the gardens of Northanger Abbey. She stops to admire the unnamed statue. When she turns she is witness to one of the most epic battles between the Shrubbery and Garden Trolls.

Shrubbery branches and leaves fly into the air as the Garden Trolls hack away.

The Gnomes of the patio and Pink Flamingoes of the front lawn join in the fray.

Oh, dear!

Will Mr Henry Tilney arrive in time to save Catherine from this nightmare?


* taking a stroll in the shrubbery may not necessarily be a pleasant (or safe) venture...

* image source The Shrubbery, garden troll, gnome and pink flamingoes.

* a vvb monster mashup creation for my Jane in June

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Images from: Lovelytocu