Saturday, June 12, 2010

SteamPink: Observation car

Dear readers and riders,

We have reached the last leg of our journey.

It is the last day and you're in the last car of the Devonian Express.

Thank you for coming to SteamPink week and adding your thoughts along the way.

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fredamans said...
As I sit in my lovely and plush train seat, I gaze out the window... at the moment the train is moving in and out of tunnels and moving quite fast, so most of it passes by in a blur. Though every so often I think I glimpse an airship in the distance.... could it be the Tiny Bubble?!

--> Yes, Freda. It is the Tiny Bubble. Jane and Jade are back on their airship and will meet us in London.

throuthehaze said...
When I look out the window I see an airship being overtaken by pirates.

--> Pirates!?!

The Devonian Express rounds a bend and enters a mountainside tunnel...

============train tip============
The Observation car almost always operated as the last car in a passenger train. Its interior could include features of a coach, lounge, diner, or sleeper. The main spotting feature was at the tail end of the car - the walls of the car usually were curved together to form a large U shape, and larger windows were installed all around the end of the car.

Before these cars were built with steel walls, the observation end of heavyweight cars resembled a roofed porch area; larger windows were installed at the observation end on these cars as well. At this end of the car, there was almost always a lounge where passengers could enjoy the view as they watch the track rapidly recede into the distance.
- wikipedia

* Hey, this train was also my birthday train. Thanks for joining me on this week long celebration!

* If you didn't already you must read the post before this one, Menace from Above. Go now --> here.

* image source observation car

* image source egg

*Picnik was used for graphics creations for this event.

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