Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Emma movie

Emma (1972)
BBC TV mini-series - 6 episodes
my 1st viewing

Director: John Glenister
Writer: Denis Constanduros
Based on book: by Jane Austen
Rating: 3

Doran Godwin plays Emma Woodhouse
John Carson plays Mr. Knightley

Now that SteamPink week has ended, I am back to blogging for Jane in June. You'll get at least one post a day on something Jane-ish.

Just to recap. For most of this month I will be reviewing a DVD set of BBC TV mini-series of Jane's six published works. The tv series format provides more details than what you would see in a 2-hour movie. However, the special effects, costumes and scenery may not be as great or limited.

I will also just give my blips and bloops about my watching and it will be on the premise that you all know the basic storyline.

A blip:

Hubby thought Emma was despicable. I thought so too for the first 3 episodes. This Emma was not like the light-hearted, fun, character portrayed in the Gwyneth Paltrow movie version in 1996. The 1972 Emma came across really manipulative which was an ugly Emma to me.

Instead of this Emma and Knightley...

A bloop:

I was really taken by...

Ania Marson plays Jane Fairfax
Robert East plays Frank Churchill

Jane had certain outbursts which were odd but very interesting and very telling in the side story of Jane and Frank. This really got me interested in her. I am looking forward to reading my copy of Jane Fairfax by Joan Aiken and find out more about her and her backstory.


* image source Emma and Knightley and Jane

* part of my Jane in June

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