Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mansfield Park: Survey

Dear guest,

It is now your turn to undergo some questioning...


* the direct link to the survey form is here

* image source quill and paper

~ Mansfield Park schedule ~


  1. Survey completed! It was so hard to decide to which giveaway give an extra point!
    I'll surely buy many of these books. >_<'''

  2. Poirot was kinder than I thought.... I was nervous entering the questioning with him, he has a way about him, that relaxes you as well as intensifies you....

  3. Survey completed, too :) Although I had to *hang head in shame* due to the fact that I hadn't read ANY of the mentioned books :(

    Honestly, I may have wayyyyyyyyyy back in hs adv. lit classes, but if so it has been so long I've since forgotten. Thing is, since reading your blog - I DO want to make time to familiarize myself with Austen's works. Just haven't had the time yet (stupid home improvement stuff lol)

    However, I'm definitely gonna start checking out the used bookstores and try to acquire them for *stuck inside during winter* reading :D

  4. I have really enjoyed the 4 days, thanks
    for a very unique contest.

  5. Loved your event once again!
    I missed the option haven't read/watched it yet with the Mansfield Park question!


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