Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mansfield Park: Travel

H: Watson, ol' boy, to what adventure does this train take us to this fine day?

W: None, sir. We are to attend a fine dinner with the Bertrams at Mansfield Park.

H: No sleuthing of any sort involved?

W: I'm afraid this will be a benign affair. Although, as I recall, Mr Bertram did mention that there would be a theatrical - a viewing of his production of Lovers' Vows.

H: Lovers' Vows?

W: Indeed. The Betram boys, Miss Bertram and their neighbors The Crawfords are to participate.

H: I'm shocked. I can't believe that Sir Thomas would allow such a scandalous play.

W: I heard Sir Thomas is in Antigua at present attending to his business. As the saying goes... when the cat's away...

H: Then we are really in for it, eh. By the way, did you pack my handbook in the valise? For you never know when it may come in handy.


Follow Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson
to the dinner party at
Mansfield Park, June 24-27, 2010


AND don't forget to pack your detective handbook for this journey!

What say you?

You have not?

You have none?

Well then, we should remedy that...

*** Sherlock Holmes Book Giveaway ***

Courtesy of Quirk Books:

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Fancy yourself living during the Regency period on property of your own. Would it be an abbey, castle, manor, park, etc.

Comment below with your email and tell me...

What would be the name of your home?

Donwell Abbey
Northanger Abbey
Mansfield Park
Thornton Lacey

Need help with a name?

Go to the Regency name generator. And then tack on one of these to the end (or not): abbey, castle, manor, park, etc.

I came up with the Pasley Manor.

Your turn...


Contest has ended - winner is here



* image source Holmes and Watson from
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
ADVENTURE VI. - The Adventure of Silver Blaze
by A. Conan Doyle

* part of my Jane in June

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