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Mansfield Park: Library

Lady Mary Ann of Kitteridge Cliffs looks at the shelves and shelves of books. She has spotted some works by Jane Austen! She pulls one out and flips through it. Mrs Peacock makes a remark and points to another book that Lady Mary Ann should consider.


My dear, who is this Mr Boddy that was found? Lady Vee asks Julia Bertram who is lighting some candles around the room.

My lady, I am sorry I do not know. Mr Reginald Boddy lives in a stately home, Boddy Mansion. I do not recall the town. He and his entourage (whom Mrs Peacock is a part) are on holiday and are staying at the village inn. Mr Yates is newly acquainted with them and invited them to watch our production. This is the first time we have met them.


Holmes wonders...
Mrs. Peacock is a widow who is dressed in blue. Her latest dead husband’s estate is almost all gone because she must maintain an extravagant lifestyle. She’s proper and has excellent manners, but is this just a disguise for her past? All four of her husbands have either disappeared or have died mysteriously. Is Mr. Boddy her fifth victim? -Mrs Peacock bio

Things to know about Sherlock Holmes:
--> Holmes's primary intellectual detection method is deductive reasoning of the solution to a crime.

--> Holmes displays a strong aptitude for acting and disguise.

--> Plays the violin well.

--> Is an expert singlestick player, boxer and swordsman.

After Holmes has spoken with Mrs Peacock, his attention is drawn to Lady Titania and Lady Sabrina who are speaking animatedly about a book on a nearby table. He wanders over to them. Lady Titania tells him that they found the book open upon their arrival in the library. She points out that someone had marked some of the passages.

* The word “mummy” is derived from the Persian word “mūm” and the Arabic word “mumiya” which means bitumen. This is a sticky, black organic substance that was assumed to be used in the Eqyptian mummification process because of the mummies’ blackened skin.

* Mummification was used in Ancient Egypt because of the belief that the body should be preserved and kept together so that eternal life can be assured.

* Animals were also mummified because they were house pets or because of their connection to Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.

* The Book of the Dead isn’t actually a book, but a compilation of all the spells that were written on the sarcophagi of mummies. Some of these were recited when placing amulets of protection during the wrapping process. You can read it translated into English here.

* If you live in Southern California and want to learn more about mummies, you can go to California Science Center starting July 1 to see the exhibit, Mummies of the World.

* I randomly found instructions on how to make your own mummified servant here

* A modern form of preservation of the dead is called plastination which was invented by Gunther von Hagen. You can see these preserved bodies in the exhibit Body Worlds that is shown around the world. I have seen the exhibit when it came to the California Science Center and it was one of the most fascinating exhibits I had ever seen.

A-ha! much for Holmes to ponder...

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Colorist: Tony Avina

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* guest post of mummy facts from Titania of Fishmuffins of Doom

* image source Sherlock Holmes

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