Thursday, June 17, 2010

Intimations dress

If books were dresses...

(a weekly post where I create fashionable wear with book cover art)

I did boots with this one too ;-D

Intimations of Austen
by Jane Greensmith
Published: 2008

...a Collection of Short Stories inspired by the writings of Jane Austen.

Description from the amazon:
This collection of nine short stories includes backstories, sequels and what-ifs to Jane Austen's beloved novels.

Greensmith provides sympathetic insights into characters you love to hate. Her what-if stories are realistic, true to Austen’s characters, and delightful to sink your teeth into.

And always, Greensmith, Romantic that she is, calls forth the power and beauty of the natural world to heal, bless, and nurture the wounded, the misunderstood, the lonely, and the confused on their journeys through life.

You can actually read some of the stories online at Jane's website.

Jane says:
So what about Emma? Somehow Emma Woodhouse never really worked her way into one of my short stories, so I ended up writing a contemporary novel inspired by can read it here: No Runs, No Hits, No Errors. Isn't that just like Emma--she won't settle for simply a short story. She insists on having her own novel.

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  1. Since I'm a *60's kinda gal, this fashion is one of my fav's ... LUV the boots

    *why am I suddenly feeling the urge to listen to old Nancy Sinatra hits? ;)

  2. Hey--I love the fashion silhouette--especially the boots...Groovy :)

    Thanks for the plug, both for the Book Rat Jane in June giveaway (we're giving away two copies on June 21--the solstice) and my website.

  3. I always love your dresses!=)

    Come to find out I do not have photoshop! I was so bummed and mad at my husband!

  4. Love that dress!*_* And Intimations of Austen
    sounds interesting!


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