Tuesday, June 8, 2010

SteamPink: Coach car giveaway

Steampunk book and charm
charm created by and courtesy of
Amber Dawn of International Charm Day April 28
Wear and Share

As you are seated and looking out the window of the Devonian Express, various service attendants walk down the aisle offering refreshments, magazines, etc.

One service attendant in particular has something special to offer from her basket of goods, a steampunk book with a steampunk charm as a favor.

Would you like one?

*** steampunk book and charm giveaway ***

Open to all.

Offer ends: June 14, 2010


Contest has ended - winner is here


TO DO (2-parts):

1. Visit International Charm Day April 28 and leave comments on at least 2 of her posts and let me know you did the deed and which posts in comments.

2. Complete the 5 question survey which will be posted on the last day of SteamPink week, Saturday, June 12.


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