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SteamPink: coach car - Amanusa

Meet: Amanusa
Occupation: Healer
Location: various
Genre: Steampunk, Paranormal, Romance

"Whether Jax is my true name or I have another, I do not know. Only Jax. As for what I want--"

A shiver passed over him. When he blinked, someone else knelt before Amanusa, looking out at her through coffee-brown eyes. A shiver whispered through Amanusa as well. There was magic working here. Inside the man.

"Greetings to you, blood sorceress." A different voice, bearing only the deep timbre of the man Jax, spoke through his mouth in the same foreign tongue.

Amanusa shuddered again with a sudden, deep chill.

-chapter 1, page 4

New Blood
by Gail Dayton
Published: 2009

Romance steam gauge: medium

Description from the amazon:
In 1636, the last blood sorceress was burned at the stake. More than two hundred years later, her blood servant Jax has found her successor. Amanusa at first turns down the opportunity to learn what she perceives as an evil art. But she craves justice, and innocent blood cries out for justice.

When Amanusa looses magic on those who’ve harmed her, she must flee for her life across a devastated Europe with Jax, who is inescapably bound to her by blood and magic. Their journey takes them through zones where everything—including magic—has died, zones populated with strange creatures cobbled together of things left behind by the dead.

Needing each other for their very survival, Amanusa and Jax grow ever closer on their journey to discover answers – about magic, blood sorcery, the dead zones, and even love.

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