Monday, June 14, 2010

SteamPink: epilogue

When the Devonian Express approached the mountainside tunnel, the train engineer cranked cranks and twisted nobs. Per instructions by vvb, the train was to take a last minute detour before reaching London.

As the train slows down to a walking pace, the engine stoker hopped off the train and manipulated the train track switch with an iron bar. In a matter of seconds the train merged onto another track. The Devonian Express continued along this secret alternate route for the next few hours.


What are you waiting for? Thorne roared. Attack!!*

But sir, the train. It's gone! Thorne's first mate replied.

Most of the crew on deck ran to the port side and looked over the flying drekkar's wooden railing. The exit location of the tunnel from which the Devonian Express entered was calm and quiet with no sign of movement or steam train.

Thorne slammed his hand onto the railing in utter disgust.


vvb looked down at her Lovelace device to re-read the latest transmission from the London headquarters. The Devonian Express must go to Ipswich before the London stop.

Prof McGregor: SteamPink riders have been alerted to the detour.

vvb: Thank you, Eva. I don't know why my last trunk of SteamPink books landed in Ipswich. We must retrieve them for the World's Fair exhibit. However, these books will not be distributed to SteamPink riders until June 30.

Prof McGregor: Understood. But as planned, current SteamPink riders must complete the various giveaway offer requirements including the survey TODAY to be eligible to win a steampunk book.

vvb: Correct. TODAY is the last day for the steampunk book giveaways.

Prof McGregor: It is quite fortunate too that our route has been changed at this time. I'm sure that pirate airship we saw before the tunnel entrance will be stumped when we don't appear at its exit.

vvb: Quite!


The Devonian Express emerges from another tunnel exit miles from the original tunnel entrance into a bright sunny day.

Aly said...
When I look out the window of the fine SteamPink train, I see the charming countryside, dotted with steam powered farms and the rivers with their miniature steam powered fishing vessels, and the sky as blue as a robin's egg, dotted with great clouds and even greater dirigibles, like jewels thrown into the air and shining in the sun. What a wonderful world!

Sullivan McPig said...
As I look out of the window I suddenly spot a steam powered rocket car filled with zombie pigs wearing kilts! It must be the secret weapon of McPig's rival clan the McSwine's. Luckily I brought a large supply of booze, so I can make Molotov cocktails and set them on fire!

Giada M said...
When I look out the window I see a beautiful meadow full of yellow and red flowers and an enormous ariship just flying over the train! The weather is great and there are no clouds!

As you look out of the many windows in the observation car you also notice something in the sky.

A dirigible.

A mechanical bird flies down from the dirigible towards the train.

In its claws is a note with this message.

SteamBoyz are coming...
July 9-17, 2010


* Thorne and his crew are from Nathalie Gray's story in =dev.car41a=
If you didn't already you must read the post, Menace from Above. Go now --> here.

* image source dirigible birds

* image source Edwardian train

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