Thursday, June 10, 2010

SteamPink: coach car - Jnembi

Meet: Jnembi Osse
Occupation: Weapons manufacturer
Location: Africa
Genre: Steampunk, Africa, Scifi

comic book
Written by: Jon Munger
Art by: Krista Brennan
Published: 2010

Romance steam gauge: none

Read the first 16 of 23 pages online here, free!
You're sure to enjoy the steampunky illustrations.

Description from the author's site:
Virtuoso is an alternate history of an Africa that never existed, one run by steel and springs, commanded by vast matriarchies and past the height of its culture.

Virtuoso is the story of Jnembi Osse, a professional weapons manufacturer for the most powerful empire in the world, and how her private rebellion becomes a full scale international incident.

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