Friday, June 18, 2010

Sense and Sensibility movie

Sense and Sensibility (1981)
BBC TV mini-series - 7 episodes
my 1st viewing

Director: Rodney Bennett
Writer: Alexander Baron, Denis Constanduros
Based on book: by Jane Austen
Rating: 4

Irene Richard plays Elinor
Bosco Hogan plays Edward Ferrars

Tracey Childs plays Marianne
Peter Woodward plays Mr Willoughby
Robert Swann plays Colonel Brandon

A blip:

This was a pretty good presentation of the story. Seven episodes, yes, but short ones. Everything was pretty much intact. Watching this version is a good way to reacquaint yourself with the story. Or to watch without reading it first.

And we have a blonde Edward Ferrars. I prefer him dark haired, like um, Hugh Grant ;-D in the 1995 version.

*snaps* to Fanny Dashwood (played by Amanda Boxer) for the most hilarious conniption fit performance - upon hearing of Lucy Steele's engagement.

A bloop:

Poor Willoughby. Yes he was a rogue. But he had such passion.

Willoughby's Return
by Jane Odiwe
I wonder what he has to say for himself in this sequel.


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