Thursday, June 10, 2010

SteamPink: Private car - meeting conclusion

*claps all-around*

Thank you Jane and Jade for the update on your travels.

We look forward to more of your steampunk discoveries.

Dear ladies, take note that we will send you future Jane and Jade updates via vvb's Monday Steampunk Weeklies as received.

If I've missed you and you have a report on things steampunk from your part of the world, please submit them here.

And to read other reports previously submitted by fellow members go to =dev.car2=

Late last night I received this latest transmission from our headquarters in London.

Breaking news: it is an upcoming ebook to watch out for...

Like Clockwork
by Bonnie Dee
(cover art is not yet available
so i'm using this automaton)

Description from author:
LIKE CLOCKWORK is a story containing murder, mayhem, espionage, inventions, romance and steam.

Victoria Waters is a woman ahead of her time, part of a team of scientists that created working automatons. She intended the machines to replace human laborers in dangerous occupations, but the original project idea mushroomed beyond her expectations. The mechanical people have replaced all types of workers, putting much of the lower class out of work.

Dash is a man who has lived a life of poverty in one of the worst slums in London . Only the intervention of a kindly mentor taught him to use his keen mind. He is part of a subversive group called the Brotherhood which speaks against the influx of automatons. To draw attention to their cause they plan to kidnap Victoria and hold her ransom until their demand for representation on the Commission for Animatronic Affairs is met.

Dash soon finds his captive is on the same page in her beliefs and willing to help the Brotherhood reach their goal. But when the Whitechapel Butcher strikes again, murdering a woman who was close to Dash, he and Victoria ’s relationship abruptly changes. They become close very quickly, sharing personal history and discovering a mutual attraction.

Danger looms as Victoria learns more from a colleague about the Commission and their long term agenda for the automatons. Romance blooms as Dash and Victoria grow closer. And death threatens when Victoria comes face to face with the Whitechapel Butcher.


*claps all-around*

Let us all now retire for the evening and relax for the rest of this train ride to the World's Fair in London.

Don't forget to meet the ladies in the last set of Coach cars tomorrow. If you like time travel, you're sure to get a treat ;-D

Speaking of time travel...

I would like to extend an invitation to all of you from my dear friend, Mr Edmund Bertram. If you are available, hop on the Edwardian Express train after the World's Fair. Mr Bertram invites us to a (virtual) dinner party at Mansfield Park, June 24-27. Together, we shall time travel from the Victorian era to the Regency period. Appropriate attire advised.


* image source steampunk notebook page created by ARTIGLI(busy@work)

* image source Christina Aguilara bionic poster

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