Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Persuasion movie

Persuasion (1971)
BBC TV mini-series - 2 episodes
my 1st viewing

Director: Howard Baker
Writer: Julian Mitchell
Based on book: by Jane Austen
Rating: 5

Ann Firbank plays Anne Elliot
Bryan Marshall plays Captain Wentworth

A blip:
This is the last review of the DVD set and for Jane in June posts.

Once you get past the hair you'll come to this portrayal of Anne as much as I do. I rather liked this film from the DVD set just as much as Mansfield Park. I have yet to read the original Jane Austen piece and felt that I got more details than from this than from the 2007 movie version which I saw last year.

What I liked best of this film is the passion and dialogue between the couple when they finally reunite. Of course, this happens during the last 20 minutes of the show. But worth the wait.

A bloop:

I also liked the cast for this film. They were well chosen compared to the other 5 films. They fit pretty well. I found this Captain Wentworth rather gallant.


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