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Steampunk Heart in Book Trailer

Magic Under Glass
by Jaclyn Dolamore
Release date: December 22, 2009

Description from the amazon:
Nimira is a foreign music-hall girl forced to dance for mere pennies. When wealthy sorcerer Hollin Parry hires her to sing with a piano-playing automaton, Nimira believes it is the start of a new and better life.

In Parry's world, however, buried secrets are beginning to stir. Unsettling below-stairs rumors swirl about ghosts, a madwoman roaming the halls, and Parry's involvement with a league of sorcerers who torture fairies for sport.

Then Nimira discovers the spirit of a fairy gentleman named Erris is trapped inside the clockwork automaton, waiting for someone to break his curse. The two fall into a love that seems hopeless, and breaking the curse becomes a race against time, as not just their love, but the fate of the entire magical world may be in peril.

Check out the book trailer with its steampunky heart gadgetries:

Want to win a hardcover of MAGIC UNDER GLASS by Jaclyn Dolamore plus more prizes?

*spotted this at Ellz Readz
*on the want list ;-D

Steampunk Weekly - 9

Steampunk Lightbulb Terrarium
created by The Steamed Glass Studio

One thing that draws me to the steampunk genre is the do-it-yourself steampunk creations. Steampunk provides such a great theme for crafters and artists.

I'm amazed at the brass, metals, and bits-n-pieces of gadgets mashup that come together for a fantastical piece. I love the clash of metal, glass and earth in the piece above.

Book just out:

Thomas Riley
by Nick Valentino
released: November 9, 2009

Description from author site:
Amidst of a twenty year war, weapons designer Thomas Riley is thrust onto the front lines when a risky alchemic experiment goes wrong, embedding a foreign soul into his wily assistant Cynthia Basset.

Thomas and Cynthia are forced to join with murderous sky pirates in a deadly race to capture the only man that can undo the botched alchemy, their enemy counterpart weapons maker.

*check out a Nick's guest blog post at Revenge of the Book Nerds!

Excerpt from guest post:

The setting: Victorian times (mostly in London or in this case Europe).

The culture: Inventions, science and alchemy dominate the popular culture of the day.

The style: Corsets, vests, overcoats, wire framed spectacles, bowler hats, goggles and gloves.

The twist: The world has experienced a huge boom in technology based on steam, clockwork mechanics and alchemy.

I want this book ;-D

*** Steampunk Giveaways ***

Steampunk Jewelry and Sculpture Giveaway
from Steampunk Jewelry Rings
-offer ends December 24, 2009

*my weekly post on things steampunk (Victorian sci-fi/fantasy)

*totally inspired by steampunk posts written by Celia of adventures of cecelia bedelia

Winner - Pemberley Ball surprise

Surprise Pemberley Ball
easter egg giveaway

I've taken the names of all the guests both rsvp'd and party crashers and with the help of, I've got a Pemberley Ball surprise winner.

Surprise Winner: Elnice of Ellz Readz


I wanted to give you Mr. Darcy.

However, a certain Elizabeth Bennet has claimed him.

Instead, I shall send you his likeness...

Mr. Darcy
Paperdoll created by Legacy Designs

Winners - November 29 giveaways

Here are the winners for giveaways that ended November 29, 2009.
Most of these were part of the Pemberley Ball.

Thanks to all contestants!

Winners were selected with the name-out-of-the-hat method, or hand-picked.

I will email winners for mailing addresses. Winners, feel free to contact me with your info if you don't get my email.

Winner: Titania86 of Fishmuffins of Doom

Winner: Meredith of Austenesque Reviews

Winner: Charlotte of The Book On The Hill

Winner: Heather of Gofita's Pages

(I decided to pick 3 winners for this giveaway because I really liked the title ideas.)

Winner: AustenWodehouse of Travel, Tomes & Tunes

Book 4 (title idea): The Bingley Inheritance
I too would be interested in a look into the seemingly perfect Bingley;
perhaps he has a love-child that was conceived shortly before he took Netherfield.

Winner: Midnight Cowgirl of The Fashion Planner

Book 4 (title idea): Mr. Darcy Takes Manhattan

Winner: Meredith of Austenesque Reviews

Book 4 (title idea): The Secret Adventures of Jane Bingley

Winner: Heather of Gofita's Pages

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The 12 Blogs of Christmas

Starting December 12th, each one of The 12 Blogs of Christmas will be posting a giveaway for you. Visit each blog on their special day and enter to win their contest. more details

The 12 participating blogs:

Day 4 Bites

Day 6 Book Rat

Day 10 vvb32Reads
yup! it's meeee! so come by on December 21 for a holiday goodie offer


*source image

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Uglies dress

If books were dresses...

(a weekly post where I create fashionable wear with book cover art)

Published: 2005

by Scott Westerfeld
(YA dystopia)

Get bubble-y!

Description from the amazon:
Everybody gets to be supermodel gorgeous. What could be wrong with that?

Tally is about to turn sixteen, and she can't wait. Not for her license -- for turning pretty. In Tally's world, your sixteenth birthday brings an operation that turns you from a repellent ugly into a stunningly attractive pretty and catapults you into a high-tech paradise where your only job is to have a really great time. In just a few weeks Tally will be there.

But Tally's new friend Shay isn't sure she wants to be pretty. She'd rather risk life on the outside. When Shay runs away, Tally learns about a whole new side of the pretty world -- and it isn't very pretty. The authorities offer Tally the worst choice she can imagine: find her friend and turn her in, or never turn pretty at all. The choice Tally makes changes her world forever.


My two-bits:
This series rocks!

*source for silhouette

The Giver

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

*will be taking a road trip and staying with folks in the O.C. this weekend
*source image

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Virtual Thanksgiving Bento

The Hello Japan! mini-challenges
hosted by In Spring It Is The Dawn
November mini-challenge
Eat Japanese food

This is not an entry --> just for fun :-)

My entry post of Japanese Treats is here

I was inspired by fellow contestants who created bentos for the challenge.

Bento is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. -per wikipedia

I have yet to create an edible bento. Ahhh, someday soon.

*part of my Hello! Japan mini-challenges
*source of bento box
*source of cranberries
*source of turkey
*source of green bean casserole
*source of pumpkin pie

Be Prepared

*source image

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Winner - Lady Vernon and Daughter

Lady Vernon and Her Daughter giveaway - Winner

Thanks to all contestants!

Please note: The winner was selected by the name-out-of-the-hat method. I shall be emailing the lucky winner for snail mail info.

The prize is courtesy of Stephanie's Written Word
(hostess of the Everything Austen Challenge)
and special thanks to
Crown Publishing for providing the book!

and the winner is...

( drrrrrrrrrrummmmrolllllllllllllll )


of adventures of cecelia bedelia

The Prize:

Lady Vernon and Her Daughter:
A Novel of Jane Austen's Lady Susan
by Jane Rubino and Caitlen Rubino-Bradway

I want this book, too!

...still have to get it for my tbr pile ;-D

Another world

currently in this reading mode
and working on
Bart's Dystopia Challenge
*source image

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Steampunk Weekly - 8

Hierachy of Beards Poster
get yours at TopatcoCo

*Don't forget to sign up for your chance to win a copy of Gail Carriger's Soulless.
-offer ends November 29, 2009

*my weekly post on things steampunk (Victorian sci-fi/fantasy)

*totally inspired by steampunk posts written by Celia of adventures of cecelia bedelia

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Pemberley Ball - Post Giveaway

A Woman’s Wit:
Jane Austen’s Life and Legacy
will be displayed at the Morgan Library & Museum
(225 Madison Ave. at 36th Street)
until March 14, 2010

Would that I had a ticket to New York...

Besides Austen’s handwritten letters, there are also old editions of her six major works (“Sense and Sensibility,” “Pride and Prejudice,” “Mansfield Park,” “Emma,” “Persuasion,” and “Northanger Abbey”). Additionally, the exhibit hosts rare manuscripts of two unpublished works—“Lady Susan” and “The Watsons”—artwork inspired by her words, criticism from her contemporaries, and a film tribute featuring the best and brightest of our time.


While there are historical editions of the books on display, visitors may note the lack of manuscripts of Austen’s six major works—but for a good reason. A placard informs museum patrons that there exist no surviving manuscripts of these novels anywhere in the world.

Here are some thoughts of the exhibit:

The Divine Jane: Reflections on Austen from The Morgan Library & Museum on Vimeo.

*first spotted this on Heidenkind's Hideaway post which includes a lively discussions in her comments.

*** Giveaway ***
Open to all.
Offer ends November 29, 2009


British Library Jane Austen
Pocket Diary 2010

Like the desk diary, this pocket diary is based on the popular book Life in the Country, a celebration of Regency England published by the British Library in 2008. This book has the added advantage of being portable, allowing would-be writers and artists to take it anywhere to record their thoughts, compile a to-do list, sketch their surroundings, or any of a number of other activities — all in the stimulating presence of the brilliant English writer and her talented nephew.

*source of Jane Austen sticker
Contest has ended - winner is here

Pemberley Ball - Departure

Alas, the evening festivities are coming to a close.

Thank you guests and party crashers for your attendance.

I do believe the Pemberley Ball has been a success.

It is clear who Mr Darcy has chosen for his future bride to be. Who can match her beauty, intelligence and mad fighting skills???

Giveaway winners will be announced after their end dates as super late comers to the party are eligible to win.

Special thanks for guest posts from...


Fellow bloggers:

Titania86 of Fishmuffins of Doom

J.T. of Bibliofreak

OH YES, and a most special thanks to
Jane Austen for giving us Mr Darcy!
and to authors who continue his story!

*source image from
Mr. Darcy Presents His Bride:
A Sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
by Helen Halstead
Published: 2007

When Elizabeth Bennett marries the brooding, passionate Mr. Darcy, she is thrown into the exciting world of London society. She makes a powerful friend in the Marchioness of Englebury but the jealousy among her ladyship's circle threatens to destroy Elizabeth's happiness. Elizabeth is drawn into a powerful clique for whom intrigue is the stuff of life and rivalry the motive, and her success, it seems, can only come at the expense of good relations with her husband. This novel also continues the stories of other favorite Pride and Prejudice characters including Georgiana Darcy and Kitty Bennett, each of whom have amusing adventures of their own. Told in the language of the era and bringing Regency society vividly to life, Mr. Darcy Presents His Bride recalls Austen's theme of the necessity of individual growth in the maintainance of lasting bonds.

Dawn of the Dreadfuls

For those of you who have enjoyed the zombie segment of the Pemberley Ball, this is for you...

*** Giveaway ***
Open to all.
Offer ends March 24, 2010
Comment below with your email.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies:
Dawn of the Dreadfuls
by Jane Austen and Steve Hockensmith - my review

Release date: March 2010

Description from publisher:
In this terrifying and hilarious prequel, we witness the genesis of the zombie plague in early-nineteenth century England. We watch Elizabeth Bennet evolve from a naïve young teenager into a savage slayer of the undead. We laugh as she begins her first clumsy training with nunchucks and katana swords and cry when her first blush with romance goes tragically awry. Written by acclaimed novelist (and Edgar Award nominee) Steve Hockensmith, Dawn of the Dreadfuls invites Austen fans to step back into Regency England, Land of the Undead!

*** updated 2.6.10 ***
Quirk Books has agreed to send a lucky winner a copy of this mashup for my giveaway! So, there will be 2 winners!
Thanks Tiffany!

Contest has ended - winners are here


Pemberley Ball - Z7

When it was all over, the entire party was splattered with blood and other viscous fluids, but alive (except for Lisette). They all helped in cleaning up as best as they could, burned the bodies in the yard, and boarded up the broken windows.

Then they retired to their rooms to dress in clean, presentable attire. About an hour after the attack, all the guests were back on the dance floor and around the new platters of food, gossiping and having a wonderful time as if nothing had ever happened.

Both Elizabeth and Darcy received many compliments on their proficiency of the deadly arts and thanks for keeping everyone alive. Mrs. Bennet could be heard complaining loudly, “Dear, did you have to cut off so much of my hair? Now I shall have to wear a bonnet for months to cover the unevenness. Why would you do such a thing to me?” To this Mr. Bennet replied, “Then next time, I shall just let you die if you are more concerned for your hair than your safety.” This made Mrs. Bennet momentarily quiet before she decided to complain to a more sympathetic ear.

(after a dance with Lady J)

Mr. Darcy looked at Elizabeth with a newfound appreciation, but hid it well with his cold exterior to escape her notice. Elizabeth was also impressed with how Darcy had handled the large and unwieldy nodachi, but avoided him and surrounded herself with her sisters and their silly gossip.

The Pemberley party was enjoyed by all and viewed as a great triumph for Darcy and his family.


*Guest Blogger, Titania86 of Fishmuffins of Doom

*source of Darcy and Lizzie
from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Graphic Novel due to be released 2010

Pemberley Ball - Z6

Meanwhile, back with Lady J:

When the last of the undead have been brained, and the infected quarantined in another room, I go back to Miss Whomever to retrieve my fan. As I turn around, there is Darcy standing far closer to me than is appropriate. I can actually feel the heat of his body. He has his jacket back on, which is a shame, but his hair his beautifully tussled from the fight and sweat.

“Would you grant me the great honor and pleasure of this next dance?” he asks.

I’m about to swoon or faint or do a dance of joy, I’m not sure.

But ever so coolly, I manage to say, “Allow me a moment to fetch my shoe.”


*Guest Blogger, J.T. of Bibliofreak

- guest post titled: We Danced, We Slayed, Not Necessarily in That Order (cont.)

*source for fan

Pemberley Ball - Z5

The horde surrounded the house and commenced their attack on the festive party. An undead hand, stripped of flesh crashed through the first window and grasped the coifed ringlets of Mrs. Bennet. She screamed and frantically batted at the offending unmentionable with her fan. Her husband sprang immediately into action and cut off the captive tresses with his dagger, freeing the lady and pulling her to safety. Her screams had called the attention of the entire party and set the partygoers into motion, preparing for battle.

Tables were cleared and braced against windows. Blades were unsheathed and guns were loaded. By this time, multiple zombies were crashing into the room, spraying the guests with glass.

Darcy sprang immediately into action, snatching his nodachi from the wall of the library. He began to hack and slash slowly through the advancing zombies. The heavy sword felled the enemies to the floor, allowing others to more easily remove their heads.

Meanwhile, the Darcy sisters formed the Pentagram of Death. “Elizabeth immediately joined her four sisters, Jane, Mary, Catherine, and Lydia, in the center of the dance floor. Each girl produced a dagger from her ankle and stood at the tip of an imaginary five-pointed star. From the center of the room, they began stepping outward in unison- each thrusting a razor-sharp dagger with one hand, the other hand modestly tucked into the small of her back.”

While the Bennet sisters and Darcy dispatched most of the zombie horde, Lisette Fortescue staggered into the room and fell to the floor. Her complexion was gray and her eyes wild. Misté la Marquessa ran to her, put her hand on Lisette’s shoulder, and said

Lisette, mon amie, est-ce que tu es blessée ?

(Lisette, my friend, are you hurt?)

Lady Godiva shouted to Misté, “Get away from her! Now!” She raised her blunderbuss and shot Lisette in the head just as she was about to bite Misté’s hand. The wall behind her splattered with brain matter and blood, leaving Lisette’s body headless and slumped on the floor.

Moans could be heard coming from the doorway Lisette had come through, hailing the arrival of the many servants the zombies had partially eaten. Lady Godiva bludgeoned the first zombie through the door with the now useless blunderbuss, allowing Misté to unsheathe her katana and behead the zombie servant boy that advanced upon her next.

Darcy and the Bennet sisters finished with the initial zombie horde and were in the process of moving the bodies until they heard the scuffle on the other side of the room. Elizabeth sprang into action and beheaded zombie after zombie with her katar dagger in a beautiful dance of death until they were all headless and inanimate.

“From the far corner of the room, Mr. Darcy watched Elizabeth…He knew of only one other woman in all of Great Britain who wielded a dagger with such skill, such grace, and deadly accuracy.”


*Guest Blogger, Titania86 of Fishmuffins of Doom

- The two quoted areas above are borrowed from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith, page 23 in the deluxe edition.

- I would like to again thank my fiancé, DJ, for helping me pick out the best weapons for the situation and the time and acting out using some of them for me.

*source of nodachi

*source for Bennet sisters
from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith

Bit o'sip sip gossip...

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
as well as Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters
-offer ends December 2, 2009

Pemberley Ball - Z4

Lady J wonders:

Hmm…where is Darcy? I swear I just saw him a second ago by the punch bowl. Not that I was hanging around the punch bowl. In fact, I am going to go across the room, away from the punch bowl and rows of éclairs and tiers of petit fours. Mmmmh…petit fours.

O.K. I have my eye on both entrances. I am away from the punch bowl. I am sitting up straight and coquettishly playing with my lacy fan. How does my crimson gown look in this light? WTF is Darcy?

There’s a kerfuffle going on in the next room? Is he fighting for my honor? I’m straining to see without looking obviously interested. Good thing I have this fan to hide behind. Huh, the shouts are getting louder. What seemed like a duel is turning into a riot, and here come the screaming idiot girls into this room. And there’s Miss Bingley, and oh, look, she fainted on the best positioned settee. Surprise surprise.

But what’s—Oh crap. It’s the Undead. Zombies are here and I haven’t even gotten one dance with Darcy.

“I know we haven’t been properly introduced, but could you hold this for me?” I say to the young woman beside me…I think I know who she is…Miss Jane or Fanny or Anne or Catherine or something like that. Her eyes wide, she takes my fan. Is she shocked by my boldness or the undead? I can’t tell.

I charge across the room, and give the first of the undead a solid high kick to the head. He must have been undead for a while, because his head spins off with the single blow and lands in Miss Bingley’s lap. Ha ha, she was just coming to.

Darcy is beside me, fastidiously battling the horde. He’s so sexy in his all business manner. Fighting side by side is almost as good as dancing but at least you can talk while you dance. Sure, a quip here or there, but that’s hardly a real conversation.

I try a high kick to the next one, but she’s more supple. With Darcy by my side, I’m grateful I wore clean underwear, as I wonder if he can see up my skirt with my leg up above my head like that.

Another kick and my shoe goes flying. Right into the punch bowl. Damn, I really liked those shoes.

These stupid men, some of them actually have swords and revolvers. Not that many of them know what to do with them. Most are actually terrible shots, and only one out of ten hits the zombie’s brain. I think that I am more terrified of their inaccuracy than of the undead.

Darcy takes off his jacket in order to maneuver better. I can’t help but be distracted by his rippling biceps beneath his blouse.

But distraction means death with battling the undead.

Oh look, here I am back by the punch bowl. How’d I let them push me this far back? Remind me to get that shoe later. Among the array of sweets I spy a knife. It’s dull, but it does its job as I stab a zombie through her eyeball. I quite like her necklace. Are those real rubies? I wonder if anyone will mind if I nick it later.

Oh, great, a child zombie is tangled in my skirt, the brat. I pick him up, holding him at arm’s length. His flesh is both dry and clammy to touch. Poor dear. To die and then to resurrect at such a young age. I swing him around, gaining momentum and toss him through the window, which rains down glass upon impact, sending shards into the carefully coiffed hair of both the men and women below.


*Guest Blogger, J.T. of Bibliofreak

- guest post titled: We Danced, We Slayed, Not Necessarily in That Order

Bit o'sip sip gossip...

from Bibliofreak

Pemberley Ball - Z3

Lisette thought:

J’oublie que le zombie menace est endémique en Angleterre aussi. Je déteste les zombies. Ils sont comme les cafards.

(I forgot the zombie menace is rampant in England as well. I hate zombies. They are like cockroaches.)

The extensive training Lisette had in Japan kicked in as she unsheathed the razor sharp wakazashi that was concealed in a spine sheath, hidden by her cape. She severed the spine of one zombie as she kicked the other smartly in the head. While she administered the killing blow to the paralyzed zombie, the other crawled along the floor in bit her leg.

She cried out in pain and beheaded the offending unmentionable. The damned unmentionable had taken a large chuck of flesh out of her leg and she was bleeding heavily. Lisette knew there was no hope for her, but was feeling very light headed and faint. She struggled to stand, but her leg buckled beneath her and she fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, at the party upstairs, a zombie horde had slowly gathered around the house, with its gathering of tasty humans. They staggered and crawled to surround the house. The partygoers obliviously continued to gossip and dance. The breaking of glass could be heard inside and the first screams rang out in the night.


*Guest Blogger, Titania86 of Fishmuffins of Doom

- I want to thank my fiancé DJ for helping me pick out a suitable weapon.

*source of zombie kick
from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith

*source of wakazashi

Pemberley Ball - Z2

The party was well under way and everyone is having a lovely time. However, in a rare show of rudeness from the host, the food had become scarce. After dancing for a prolonged period of time, one does become very hungry, especially Lisette Fortescue of France.

Je fais mourir de faim, mais je ne veux pas agacer mon hôte sympa. Peut-être je devrais aider et rappelle les domestiques moi-même.

(I’m dying of hunger, but I don’t want to bother my kind host. Maybe I should help and remind the servants myself.)

So, Lisette went into the kitchens and is shocked at what she finds!

“Two adult unmentionables- both of them male- busied themselves feasting upon the flesh of the household staff. How two zombies could have killed a dozen servants, four maids, two cooks, and a steward were beyond Lisette's comprehension, but she knew precisely how they had gotten in: The cellar door had been opened to let in the cool night air and relieve the oppression of the woodstoves.”

Lisette froze in horror at the carnage before her.


*Guest Blogger, Titania86 of Fishmuffins of Doom

- The quoted portion above is borrowed from page 94 (of the deluxe edition of) Seth Grahame-Smith’s and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The only alteration is Lisettes’ name.

*source for kitchen scene
from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith

Pemberley Ball - Z1

The horde that had gathered had not always been a horde. It started as a smattering of zombies across the countryside. Most of the zombies had risen out of graveyards throughout England from the initial uprising and still sported their tattered and filthy funereal best.

The excitement and motion of the Pemberley event acted as a beacon to zombies in the area.

The problem was exacerbated as guests started to arrive from a variety of places by carriage, which set zombies into motion towards the estate.

Zombies, however, move extremely slowly and only just arrived after the gathering was well underway.


*Guest Blogger, Titania86 of Fishmuffins of Doom

*source zombies

An Assembly Such as This by Pamela Aidan

An Assembly Such as This:
A Novel of Fitzwilliam Darcy Gentleman
by Pamela Aidan

Published: 2006
Genre: Romance
Paperback: 246 pages
Rating: 4

"She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me."

So begins the timeless romance of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen's classic novel is beloved by millions, but little is revealed in the book about the mysterious and handsome hero, Mr. Darcy. And so the question has long remained: Who is Fitzwilliam Darcy?

In An Assembly Such as This, Pamela Aidan finally answers that long-standing question. In this first book of her Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman trilogy, she reintroduces us to Darcy during his visit to Hertfordshire with his friend Charles Bingley and reveals Darcy's hidden perspective on the events of Pride and Prejudice. As Darcy spends more time at Netherfield supervising Bingley and fending off Miss Bingley's persistent advances, his unwilling attraction to Elizabeth grows -- as does his concern about her relationship with his nemesis, George Wickham.

Setting the story vividly against the colorful historical and political background of the Regency, Aidan writes in a style comfortably at home with Austen but with a wit and humor very much her own. Aidan adds her own cast of fascinating characters to those in Austen's original, weaving a rich tapestry from Darcy's past and present. Austen fans and newcomers alike will love this new chapter of the most famous romance of all time.

My thoughts:
In-a-word(s): the flip side

This book begins to answer the questions we all have of what was going on in Darcy's mind during the whole Pride and Prejudice doings. Along with reading about his thoughts and feelings, you get to spend time with him and see things from his point of view.

Pamela does a great job in capturing the Jane Austen genre. The scenes, settings and dialogue jibe. You get to know the man behind our Darcy.

As I said, this is just the beginning. The story starts from when Darcy first meets Elizabeth at an assembly in Town and ends after the Netherfield Ball. There are two more books in this series that completes the Pride and Prejudice experience.

Off to get book 2...

Definitely one to read for Darcy lovers.

Fitzwilliam Darcy Gentlemen Series:
An Assembly Such as This
Duty and Desire
These Three Remain

*part of Pemberley Ball festivities

*get your own Darcy bumper sticker

Pemberley Ball - Music room

Jane Austen Entertains:
Music from her own library

Those not inclined to dancing have retired to the music room in favor of their own entertainment. Yes, handsome bachelors are in this small crowd admiring and listening to various tunes presented by accomplished young ladies.

If you are in this room, would you:

- venture to the pianoforte to play a piece

- dazzle everyone with your exquisite voice

- select another instrument to perform passionately (pray, tell us what instrument?)

- or other?

*** Giveaway ***
Open to all.
Offer ends November 29, 2009
Comment below with your interest and email.

This CD.

Artists: Sara Stowe, Jenny Thomas, Martin Souter
Composers: Ignace Pleyel, Johann Sterkel, and others

Description from the amazon (audio samples available):
Jane Austen Entertains.

Music from her own library.

Aunt Jane began her day with music - for which I conclude she had a natural taste; as she thus kept it up - 'tho she had no one to teach; was never induced (as I have heard) to play in company; and none of her family cared much for it. I suppose, that she might not trouble them, she chose her practicing time before breakfast - when she could have the room to herself - She practiced regularly every morning - She played very pretty tunes, I thought - and I liked to stand by her and listen to them; but the music (for I knew the books well in after years) would now be thought disgracefully easy - Much that she played from was manuscript, copied out by herself - and so neatly and correctly, that it was as easy to read as print.

From the Memoirs of Jane Austen's niece Caroline, 1867.

Her manuscripts survive, and this programme is drawn from them: a mixture of the light and fashionable music of the day for flute, voice and piano.

This recording took place in the drawing room at Chawton, so we can be confident that the effect of the music, using a piano similar to the one that Jane owned, cannot be so different from that experienced by Jane and her family themselves. We hope that you enjoy listening - and that, if you have not already done so, you will be prompted to visit Jane Austen's house in Chawton and see and hear for yourself where the great authoress lived, worked and made music.

Miss Sara Stowe, soprano.
Miss Jenny Thomas, German flute.
With Dr Martin Souter, pianoforte.

With special thanks to Tom Carpenter and The Jane Austen Memorial Trust

Contest has ended - winner is here

Love, Lies and Lizzie by Rosie Rushton

Love, Lies and Lizzie
by Rosie Rushton

Published: 2009
Genre: Romance
Paperback: 216 pages
Rating: 3

Description from book:
What would happen if the traumas of teenage life and love from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice were transferred to the twenty-first century?

When Mrs Bennet inherits enough money to move into the kind of village she has always dreamed of, her daughters find themselves swept up in a glamorous life of partying and country pursuits.

But Lizzie and her sisters soon discover that, beneath the very smart surface, lurks a web of intrigue and rivalries...

My thoughts:
In-a-word(s): sassy

I felt the focus here was with the Bennet girls in the modern setting which works well. All the characters, scenes and themes were present for a Pride and Prejudice re-telling.

This YA Pride and Prejudice take was a bit off for me with the passion and romance. Perhaps this is why I wasn't too keen on the read. While there was a spark between the Lizzie and Darcy couple, their chemistry did not work for me.

I did like that Lizzie was sassy and equipped with exceptional singing and French Horn skills.

Jane Austen sighting:
'You'll be fine," Lizzie assured her again. 'Go for it - just think, you and Charles galloping side by side across the countryside, hair streaming in the wind - just like in that Pride and Prejudice DVD. Sooo romantic!'
-Lizzie to Jane (chapter 4, page 68)

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Lady Charlotte's Desserts

The next variation which their visit afforded
was produced by the entrance of servants with
cold meat, cake, and a variety of all the finest fruits in season;
but this did not take place till after many a significant look and smile
from Mrs. Annesley to Miss Darcy had been given, to remind her of her post.
There was now employment for the whole party
-- for though they could not all talk,
they could all eat;
and the beautiful pyramids of grapes, nectarines, and peaches
soon collected them round the table.
Pride and Prejudice (Chapter 45)


Pink Reims Biscuits Squares
by Trish Deseine

Note by Lady Charlotte: I really recommend this recipe, it’s simple, quick, yummy and always a success ! Reims Biscuits are of course easy to find in France, but I wasn’t sure if it would be the case in America. I found some to buy online here.

250g Pink Reims Biscuits
3 tsp of sugar
1 egg
125g softened butter
3 tsp kirsh
Icing sugar for decorating

Mix the biscuits until powdered.

Add sugar and egg to a pan until melt.

In a bowl, soften the butter until creamy.

Add the sugar-egg mix, the biscuits’ powder, and the kirsh.

Mix with your hands until it becomes a paste.

Spread the paste on a baking dish or a plate, cover with cling film and leave in the refrigerator for an hour.

Cut small squares in the paste and decorate with icing sugar or other.


Buttered Apples
From Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management

Apple marmalade
6 or 7 good boiling apples
1/2 pint of water
6 oz. of sugar
2 oz. of butter
a little apricot jam.

Pare the apples, and take out the cores without dividing them.

Boil up the sugar and water for a few minutes, then lay in the apples, and simmer them very gently until tender, taking care not to let them break.

Have ready sufficient marmalade made, and flavoured with lemon, to cover the bottom of the dish.

Arrange the apples on this with a piece of butter placed in each, and in between them a few spoonfuls of apricot jam or marmalade.

Place the dish in the oven for 10 minutes, then sprinkle over the top sifted sugar; either brown it before the fire or with a salamander, and serve hot.


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