Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pemberley Ball - Bennet sisters

The Bennet sisters are here!

As you mingle amongst guests and friends, you spy a cluster of ladies who have just entered the ballroom. They have just finished supper and proceed towards the dance floor. A flurry of redcoats swarm to meet these beautiful young ladies in their matching gowns.

Here's your chance to speak with one or more of them.

Who do you choose to converse with and what about?

Elizabeth (Lizzie)
Catherine (Kitty)

*source for Bennet sisters


  1. I tried to talk to that little one flitting about everywhere, Lydia, I think was her name. Her bodice is rather low, and I *tried* to give her a small hint, in all politeness, of course. She did not appear to take my meaning.


  2. Lady Vee engages each girl throughout the evening to assess their character. After all, Mr Darcy is studying this group from afar.

  3. (In whispered tones behind her fan) The young one, Lydia, seems to be lacking in decorum becoming a young lady of true breeding that is true, it is hard to believe that she and Jane are from the same family, though after seeing their mother I am a little less so. The middle Bennet girl, Mary I think it was, is quite plain looking is she not? I dare say that she also makes noises at the pianoforte that I did not know were possible.

  4. Lady Elizabeth, interesting observations. I shall take note.

  5. I've already snuck around back with one of the ladies for a bit of snogging, but a gentleman never tells.

  6. I participated in a wonderful conversation with Jane, whose grace I envy. But alas this refreshing moment was ruined by Lizzie -the Bennett girl who jumps like a grasshopper- who after colliding with me made the glass I was holding spill on the rather boring and man who stood next to me. It was such an embarassing moment, but also pleasurable because the men involved didn't bother me all evening after the incident.

  7. Lady Vee blushes about the snogging comment.

  8. I've talked to Jane and Lizzy about cross stitching some samplers.

  9. Lizzie *Ü* oops, hick hick, heavy cider isn't it?
    >>>>>>>> *swirls to the other room* >>>>>>>>>


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