Friday, November 20, 2009

Pemberley Ball - Early birds

Welcome! Welcome!

You have entered the fabulous Pemberley estate in the fair town of Derbyshire.

People are milling about outside the manor and others are exiting their various transportation vehicles before the start of the Pemberley Ball.

Tell us, how did you arrive?

by foot

A four-wheeled carriage with a falling top and a driver's seat on the outside. The two inside seats face each other. The vehicle is usually pulled by four horses in pairs. It has the undercarriage and lower quarters of a full coach with a hood over only the rear seat.

A wheeled vehicle for conveyance of people or things. Originally any vehicle for passengers. Later used for the frame, axle, and wheels which carry the body, "under-carriage".

A chaise or showy carriage with two wheels, drawn by two horses abreast with a bar across the backs of the horses to carry the weight of the pole.

A light four-wheeled carriage with open sides in front of the seat, generally drawn by one horse. The term was first applied to classify a carriage during that 18th and early 19th century period in France when it was so fashionable to use classical pseudonyms. Usage of the term spread quickly to England and America. There are few distinguishing characteristics that can restrict the use of the term -- perhaps only that it is
an owner driven vehicle with no coachman's seat and that it nearly always includes some sort of top that would shelter, at least, the driver.

or other???

*source for transportation definitions

*source header image
Pemberley Manor
by Kathryn L. Nelson
Published: 2008

Description from the amazon:
As marriage brings an end to a romantic tale, it begins a new story: how does “happily ever after” really work?

The day that Jane and Elizabeth Bennet wed Charles Bingley and Fitzwilliam Darcy marks the departure point for Pemberley Manor. While Mr and Mrs Bingley might be expected to get on famously, Mr and Mrs Darcy will surely need to work on their communication skills.

What forces in Darcy’s past gave such a good man so difficult a public demeanour? Will Elizabeth’s stubborn optimism win the day after the honeymoon is over?

Bit o'sip sip gossip...

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-ends November 29, 2009


  1. Lord Vee and I arrived via phaeton last month. We have been enjoying the hospitality of Mr. Darcy and his sister, Georgiana. Please do come in and get acquainted.
    -Lady Vee

  2. Good Evening, I arrived by Carriage of course, I would have come by phaeton, but alas the air would not have done my hair any justice.

    Lady Eleanor

  3. I arrived by my little phaeton. I am so sorry I showed up a tad too's so hard to get the time zones straight...My and Lord Archibald are very excited to be here and have left our wee one in the Americas to be here.

  4. Ms. Francis and myself have duly arrived by curricle, which I must admit nearly sent me spiralling into a fit of vapors, such were the antics of the rather untamed beasts loosely referred to as 'horses'.

    Thankfully, a good dose of smelling salts set me aright. Ms. Francis, due to no doubt to her exemplary upbringing, displayed not the slightest indisposition throughout the entire ordeal.

    Nonetheless, we await the festivities with great anticipation.

    Ever the Best,
    Mrs. Mary D
    Secretary and Dowager Companion
    to the Illustrious Francis Faye Fitzwilliam

  5. I came on horseback and fell from the horse...
    So now... I'm late.

  6. ...and... finaly I arrived by foot...

  7. I need to freshen up, my dress is full of mudd, I'll be back~though..., I hope.

  8. Oh dear, Yv, I hope you haven't suffered any injuries... The powder room is this way.
    -Lady Vee


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