Monday, November 16, 2009

Steampunk Weekly - 7

created by Rob Powell

The Giving Mouth
by Ian R. Macleod - my review

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New book to watch out for...

A Steampunk Romance
by Katie MacAlister

Release date: February 2010

Jack Fletcher's heart is about to get punked.

Computer technician Jack Fletcher is no hero, despite his unwelcome reputation as one. In fact, he's just been the victim of bizarre circumstances. Like now. His sister happens to disturb one of his nanoelectromechanical system experiments, and now they aren't where they're supposed to be. In fact, they're not sure where they are when…

…they wake up to see a woman with the reddest hair Jack has ever seen-and a gun. Octavia Pye is an Aerocorps captain with a whole lot of secrets, and she's not about to see her maiden voyage ruined by stowaways. But the sparks flying between her and Jack just may cause her airship to combust and ignite a passion that will forever change the world as she knows it…

Read about author of Soulless, Gail Carriger's post on The Curious Case of the Headless Heroine, Or the Torso Rides at Midnight which features the book Steamed among others.

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Suburban Vampire: Interview and Contest:
Gail Carriger's SOULLESS
-offer ends November 23, 2009

Excerpt from interview:
Suburban Vampire: At your website,, you explain, "There are two main kinds of steampunk. The first, which shall be called here, traditional steampunk, envisions a future as the Victorians imagined it. The writings of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne are good examples. The second, industrial steampunk, sees a far future world that harkens back to Victorian culture, for example a bustle dress made of kevlar."

How would you describe your use of steampunk in Soulless?

Gail Carriger: I'm far more of the first variety, which is to say that Soulless is alternate history depicting a different kind of Victorian future/past. I took a look at various points in history, re-explained a number of its odder mysteries (like the British Empire) via the presence of immortals, made said immortals tinker with the technology, and had the timeline diverge as a result.

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*totally inspired by steampunk posts written by Celia of adventures of cecelia bedelia

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