Friday, November 13, 2009

Donuts, Donuts, Donuts

I've got donuts on the brain this week.

Here are some donut books I've been eye-ing.

Donut Coloring Book
by Edesse Desings

Available on etsy.

This coloring book contains over 40 pages of glazed, sprinkled, cream-filled, and drizzled donuts for you to color any way your heart desires!

So cute, I may have to get some to giveaway. Would you be interested in one?

Donut Days
by Lara Zielin

Published: August 2009

Description from the amazon:
Emma has a lot going on. Her best friend’s not speaking to her, a boy she’s known all her life is suddenly smokin’ hot and in love with her, and oh yes, her evangelical minister parents may lose their church, especially if her mother keeps giving sermons saying Adam was a hermaphrodite.

But this weekend Emma’s only focused on Crispy Dream, a hot new donut franchise opening in town, where Harley bikers and Frodo wannabes camp out waiting to be the first ones served. Writing the best feature story on the camp for the local paper might just win Emma a scholarship to attend a non- Christian college. But soon enough Emma finds the donut camp isn’t quite the perfect escape from all her troubles at Living Word Redeemer.

Donut Holes:
Sticky Pieces of Fictionalized Realities
by Matty Stanfield

Published: May 2009

Description from the amazon:
An examination of a life filtered through small and random, often 'sticky' pieces. The most interesting moments of life are often the ones we tend to discard or form into shapes designed for easier consumption. It is from these random pieces that a whole is formed. Donut holes allow for a taste of something that we normally try to avoid due to either caloric concerns, cholesterol worries and, as is sometimes the case, the fear of pain. Insightful, energetic, funny, rough and delicate...this collection of short stories offers an unfiltered view into a life established to survive the worst and the need to thrive in a society that all too often seems determined to compartmentalize us into undesired places and roles.

The Donut Book:
The Whole Story in words, pictures and outrageous tales
by Sally Levitt Steinberg

Published: 2004

Description from the amazon:
The Atkins Diet? Phooey! The South Beach Diet? Feh! What Americans really want to eat is something deep-fried and sugar-packed . . . hence our undying love affair with the beloved donut.

And if anybody knows donuts, it's Sally Levitt Steinberg, America's Donut Princess. As a member of America's royal donut dynasty (her grandfather, Adolph Levitt, invented the donut-making machine), she knows more about this sweet indulgence than anyone else. The Donut Book is the product of Sally's great personal charm and life-long, in-depth donut scholarship.

She covers high points in donut history: the arrival of the first donuts in America with the Dutch settlers in the 17th century, and the donut in World War I, when it became the favorite nosh of the boys in the trenches. She celebrates donut-loving celebrities, from Admiral Byrd to Bill Clinton, as well as some of the most gifted donut bakers on the planet. She visits the campus of Dunkin' Donuts University and reveals the secret that makes Krispy Kreme donuts irresistible. And she identifies the most popular donut in America (glazed) and the runner-up (chocolate).

Then there are the recipes: 29 mouth-watering, soul-satisfying ways to achieve the ultimate sugar rush, from New Orleans beignets to Portuguese malasadas, from Boston crèmes to Alain Ducasse's upscale Donut. And for donut lovers who are willing to hit the road to find their favorite confection, the book comes with an illustrated Donut Lover's Guide to bakeries that serve up the lightest, fluffiest, best dressed, and tastiest donuts.

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