Sunday, November 15, 2009

In A Cup Of Tea movie

Kaidan (1964) movie
aka Kwaidan

I watched the final fourth Japanese ghost story.

In A Cup Of Tea
with a male ghosts

Director: Masaki Kobayashi
Screenplay: Yoko Mizuki
Based on book by: Lafcadio Hearn

Description from the amazon:
A writer tells the story of a man who keeps seeing a mysterious face reflected in his cup of tea.

My thoughts:
In a word(s): smiling ghost

Excerpt of voice over from beginning of film:

Now, in old Japanese books, there have been curiously preserved certain fragments of fiction.

Why were they left unfinished?

Perhaps the writer was lazy.

Perhaps he had a quarrel with the publisher.

Perhaps he was suddenly called away from his little table and never came back.

Perhaps death stopped his writing brush in the middle of a sentence.

But no mortal could ever tell why...

Loved this eerie start to the film. After the intro, we're taken to the past into a royal palace where a security guard is in need of something to quench his thirst. What do you do when there is a reflection of a smiling samurai in your cup of tea? and no one near you? Do you dare to drink in that smiling face?

Whoa to those who dare be disrespectful to ghosts. Not a good idea to be on the bad side of wronged ghosts.

Interesting to note how people react to ghost visitations and visions. Would you be accepting and interact with the ghostie? or would you be in denial and turn your back on one trying to communicate with you?

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In A Cup Of Tea

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*part of my Hello Japan! October challenge which is now done, but because Kaidan has four stories I wanted to continue with the reviews of this last one

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