Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pemberley Ball - Welcome Day 3

Welcome to the final day of the Pemberley Ball!

A reminder of party protocol...

Interactive posts and giveaways will appear throughout the evening (every 15 minutes).

Feel free to partake in any or all of the festivities.

Comments can be

- reactions to the individual posts

- can be a place to chit chat with other attendees

- can include general descriptions of your state of being at this virtual party

FYI: for those who RSVP'd and entered the Pride and Prejudice graphic novel giveaway, you will earn +1 points for comments made in non-giveaway posts.

*source image of ballroom


  1. Ahh, another night of drink and dance.

    Lady Eleanor

  2. So glad Lord Archibald and I are back for the festivities! Now I must catch up on all the gossip the night before!

    Lady Godiva

    Lady Eleanor,
    You are looking very lovely tonight! You must tell me where you find your fashions!

  3. Ah more dancing, how I love a good ball, so good to see you again Lady Godiva.

    Lady Elizabeth

  4. Do not fear the evening... but I see some-Thing in the sidebar...brrr

    ~~~~~~~~~~I hear music!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>


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