Saturday, November 21, 2009

Meet Darcy

Darcy is having a quiet moment in the corner of the room.

You walk tentatively towards him. You try to quiet your fan as it is fanning furiously from your nervousness.

The time is now for a round of amusing repartee or at least a greeting.

He turns towards you when you touch his arm and says...

My dear, would you like to join me for a walk to view our prized roses in the conservatory?

His eyes look into yours with such longing. You feel a little dizzy but excited.

Irresistible, is he.

How does one man embody so much romance?

However, you noticed a flash of unnaturally sharp incisors when he spoke to you.

How do you answer his proposal?

*source of Darcy

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Images from: Lovelytocu