Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pemberley Ball - Music

“The evening's festivities are well underway, and the dancers are in position, awaiting the music. Prepare to honor your partner to the opening strain, as the orchestra is about to begin!”

You first hear The Sussex Waltz (audio sample), composed by Michael Turner. It features a beautiful tune from Mozart’s German Dances (No. 2 in G KV 536) passed down as an English traditional tune. It was found as an untitled waltz in Michael Turner’s manuscript collection.


Next is a Country Dance Medley: Miss Moore’s Rant, Revenge, and Earl Breadalbain’s Reel (audio sample). This dance is a bit more upbeat and features a Scottish tune.

Here’s a lovely diagram on how to dance to Miss Moore’s Rant (detailed instructions here).


The last dance is The Finishing Dance (audio sample), which is a medley that includes Sir Roger de Coverley, Andrew Carey, Rakes of Westmeath, and Hyp Doctor. Sir Roger de Coverly is a dance related to the Virginia Reel. The name refers to a fox and the dance steps mimic a hunted fox’s evasive maneuvers.

Here’s a video of partygoers at a Jane Austen party performing this dance.


*Guest Blogger, Titania86 of Fishmuffins of Doom

- most of the information above is taken from The Regency Ballroom. The musical group featured in the recordings is Spare Parts, with Liz Stell on flute, Bill Mathiesen on piano, and Eric Buddington on violin.

- A note of interest: selections of these recordings can be heard in Jane Campion’s most recent film, Bright Star, which was reviewed by Velvet

*Special thanks to Titania86!
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