Monday, November 9, 2009

Steampunk Weekly - 6

a handheld telescope
a must-have steampunk accessory
especially needed when cruising in your dirigible or zeppelin

Lord Kelvin's Machine
by James P. Blaylock - my review

Blogosphere bits

Perpetual Steam Punk
A Tale of Dance, Motion, and Machines

“Perpetual Steam Punk” is an episodic web series set in an alternate San Francisco. The Industrial Revolution was allowed to run amock, without any regulation of the resulting pollution, child labor practices, or general dirtiness. As a result, the US and the world became balkanized as smaller groups of people attempted to fix some of these problems. -excerpt, read more about this

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*my weekly post on things steampunk (Victorian sci-fi/fantasy)

*totally inspired by steampunk posts written by Celia of adventures of cecelia bedelia

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