Friday, November 20, 2009

Lady Vernon and Frederica


Insolent girl.

Do bat your eye or flutter your fan

so than you may commence with capturing
Mr. Darcy's heart.
-Lady Vernon

Oh mother, leave me be.

If he so chooses,

he will approach me for a dance.

For now, I shall partake of Lady Charlotte's

delicious ginger beer

and proceed to the salon for

a rousing game of whist with Georgiana and the girls.

You have scanned the room and have not yet spotted Mr. Darcy.

When he does appear, would you

-approach him directly

-admire his Darcy-ness from afar

-or other?

*source of Lady Susan

*source of Frederica

Bit o'sip sip gossip...

from Meredith of Austenesque Reviews
-offer ends November 22, 2009


  1. As the night draws on an Lady Charlotte's ginger beer takes effect, I would find myself being a bit bold. I just may "accidentally" bump into him. Of course then I would have to curtze and flash him (with my glowing smile of course). That would lead me to some intellectual conversation of course.

    Lady Eleanor

  2. Well, since the beer is taking effect I may just have to bump into him with Lady Eleanor!

    But alas, when I'm drunk I turn into a wonderful interpretation of Mrs Bennett! So I'm sure to turn some heads...

  3. I think I might have sampled a bit too much (..hiccup), oh pardon me, of Lady Charlotte’s beer I was a bit dizzy and actually bumped Darcy as I was walking over to talk with Lady Eleanor. When he turned around to apologise to me I was utterly gobsmacked and, rather than telling him what I really thought and felt about him, I curtsied quickly and made my way to the drawing room to join in a game of whist.

  4. ...oh dear... I'm to late!

    Let me taste some gingerbeer to lift up my moody heart.


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