Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mad Men s3.10

Mad Men Season 3, Episode 10
The Color Blue
Sunday night on AMC

Sterling Cooper celebrates a company milestone; Peggy competes with Paul for an account.

My thoughts:
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Not my favorite episode, mostly because Don was being a... well being Don by carrying on with his affair.

So happy to see that Betty has finally discovered the truth about Don.

Blogosphere bits:

Interesting to see that Betty was reading the 1963 bestseller, The Group by Mary McCarthy.

Mary McCarthy's most celebrated novel portrays the lives, and aspirations of eight Vassar graduates. "The group" meet in New York following commencement to attend the wedding of one of their members and reconvene seven years later at her funeral. The woman are complicated, compelling, vivid, and, above all, determined not to become stuffy and frightened like "Mother and Dad" but to lead fulfilling, emancipated lives.

*Bravo! for Mad Men 2009 Emmy award wins for Outstanding Drama and Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series!

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