Friday, November 20, 2009

Pemberley Ball - Dancing

You're pulled out of your reverie, to a question. A rather dashing young gentleman is inviting you for a dance. As Darcy has not yet made an appearance and you're in want of stretching your legs, you graciously accept.

The minuet has ended. The young man has proven to be an adequate partner indeed. He has now asked if you would like to get some fresh air and take a stroll in the moonlight garden.

Do you accept or decline?

*source for sitting room
from Netherfield Park Revisted:
The acclaimed Pride and Prejudice sequel series
(The Pemberley Chronicles)
by Rebecca Ann Collins
Published: 2008

Love, betrayal, and changing times for the Darcys and the Bingleys

Three generations of the Darcy and the Bingley families evolve against a backdrop of the political ideals and social reforms of the mid-Victorian era.

Jonathan Bingley, the handsome, distinguished son of Charles and Jane Bingley, takes center stage, returning to Hertfordshire as master of Netherfield Park. A deeply passionate and committed man, Jonathan is immersed in the joys and heartbreaks of his friends and family and his own challenging marriage. At the same time, he is swept up in the changes of the world around him.

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