Saturday, November 21, 2009

Darcy moment 2

Mr Darcy of Pemberley stood at the side of the ballroom and surveyed the scene. The room was full of his friends and neighbours, all enjoying his hospitality. He had invited people from as far afield as Venice , and the dark good looks of the Italians contrasted with the fair complexions of his English guests.

Sophia was looking particularly beautiful, but as she drew near he experienced a moment of horror as he saw that her bodice was spattered with blood. Then she drew closer still and he saw, to his relief, that it was nothing but a pattern.

‘You do not like it,’ she said, reading his face.

He ran his eyes over the rest of the gown, the black satin skirt forming a contrast to the white bodice with its red splatters.

‘I think it is unwise,’ he said. ‘No one in Derbyshire knows what we are, save for a few trusted servants.’

‘I grow tired of hiding my heritage,’ she said. ‘Besides, I think they will not guess, they will merely say to themselves, the Italian fashions, they are very strange. But what of you? Do you never have the urge to reveal your true self?’

‘Sometimes,’ he said.

He looked around the ballroom and wondered what his friends and neighbours would think of him if they knew his secret. Sir George Winsome would turn against him instantly, and probably have him hunted down. Lady Mary Parsons would be attracted to him and follow him into the bedroom. And Charles? he wondered, as his eyes alighted on his best friend. Good-natured, good-humoured, Charles Bingley, what would he make of it if Darcy said to him one day, ‘By the way, I am a vampyre.’

He smiled. Charles would laugh and think it a good joke – until Darcy curled back his lips and revealed his fangs. And then what would Charles do? Would he run in horror? Would he denounce him as a monster? No. Charles would be surprised, shocked, frightened, perhaps, but he would still be a friend.

‘You are thinking that Charles would not mind,’ said Sophia, guessing his thoughts. ‘You are lucky to have him, and he is lucky to have you. Good friends are hard to come by. But he will not be staying with you for long. He is looking at a house in Hertfordshire, I think?’

‘Yes, I have offered to look at it with him. If he takes it, which I think he will, I will spend the autumn with him there. I have a feeling . . . ’


‘I have a strange feeling when I think of Hertfordshire,’ said Darcy. ‘As if Destiny is drawing me there.’


*Guest Blogger, Amanda Grange, author of Mr. Darcy, Vampyre.

This piece was created for the pleasure of the Pemberley Ball attendees and partly inspired by my Book Fashion's Mr. Darcy, Vampyre dress.

For those who have not yet read Mr. Darcy, Vampyre:
Sophia is actually one of the characters in the book.
A sweet treat ;-D

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*Special thanks to Amanda!

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