Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pemberley Ball - Welcome Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of the Pemberley Ball!

A reminder of party protocol...

Interactive posts and giveaways will appear throughout the evening (every 15 minutes).

Feel free to partake in any or all of the festivities.

Comments can be

- reactions to the individual posts

- can be a place to chit chat with other attendees

- can include general descriptions of your state of being at this virtual party

FYI: for those who RSVP'd and entered the Pride and Prejudice graphic novel giveaway, you will earn +1 points for comments made in non-giveaway posts.

*source image from
Mr. Darcy Presents His Bride:
A Sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
by Helen Halstead

Published: 2007

When Elizabeth Bennett marries the brooding, passionate Mr. Darcy, she is thrown into the exciting world of London society. She makes a powerful friend in the Marchioness of Englebury but the jealousy among her ladyship's circle threatens to destroy Elizabeth's happiness. Elizabeth is drawn into a powerful clique for whom intrigue is the stuff of life and rivalry the motive, and her success, it seems, can only come at the expense of good relations with her husband. This novel also continues the stories of other favorite Pride and Prejudice characters including Georgiana Darcy and Kitty Bennett, each of whom have amusing adventures of their own. Told in the language of the era and bringing Regency society vividly to life, Mr. Darcy Presents His Bride recalls Austen's theme of the necessity of individual growth in the maintenance of lasting bonds.


  1. Lady Vee stops fanning herself and gets up from the chaise. Ahh, what a refreshing break that was. She walks over to Mr Darcy to thank him profusely for the wonderful evening she has been having thus far.

    As you know, Mr Darcy is holding the Pemberley Ball to introduce Lord and Lady Vee to family, friends and neighbors in Derbyshire.

    Alas, Lady Vee has ulterior motives. She hopes to find a perfect match for Mr Darcy before she and Lord Vee return to the Americas.

  2. "I have noticed that the Bennet girls are quite charming, Lady Vee. Tres gentil" (whispers behind fan), "at least the two eldest Bennet girls...
    "I was just telling the Marquis that those girls would have quite good prospects with a little more, well, *you* know. But it is impolitic to speak of such things in mixed company."

    La Marquessa

  3. Oui, Marquessa Miste. There have been rumblings about the Bennet girls. I have yet to make their acquaintance. Perhaps tonight...

  4. GOod Evening everyone, so glad to be here again.

    Lady Eleanor

  5. The mood here tonight I dare say is even more delightful than it was last night, and so good to see Misté La Marquessa again; how are you and the Marquis tonight (curtseying)? I was just saying to Jane Bennet, when I heard you were here, that it has been ages since I last saw you; that Miss Bennet is quite a beautiful girl and will make the most pleasant wife as she is also very well mannered.

  6. It is charming to see you again, too, ma chére.Miss Jane Bennet will indeed make a lovely wife. As for the rest, I've not heard favourable reports. My friend Caroline -- do you know Miss Bingley? -- does not speak well of them at all; especially of the second Miss Bennet. For myself, though, I find her charmingly lively. She has just the same spirit with which I charmed my own Marquis...

  7. Since it is 2am-4am in France when the interactive ball takes place, I can't participate live... That is something I hadn't thought about, ha ! So my comments are late, sorry. :)

    - Lady Charlotte-Madeleine

  8. Ah my dear Lady Charlotte-Madeleine... I'm even later... due to a nasty accident wich involved a horse...
    No..., I'm not telling more.

    Well I wonder what will happen (or rather: has happened) "tonight"?
    Let's step in my little time traveling machine...
    *click prrrttt*


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