Friday, November 20, 2009

Pemberley Ball - Attendees

Welcome to the Pemberley Ball!

The servants will take your wraps and cloaks for safekeeping.

You can hear the music of several string players as you adjust your gown and hair.

A nearby party-goer appraises you of the party protocol...

Interactive posts and giveaways will appear throughout the evening (every 15 minutes). Feel free to partake in any or all of the festivities.

Comments can be reactions to the individual posts or can be a place to chit chat with other attendees and can include general descriptions of your state of being at this virtual party.

FYI: for those who RSVP'd and entered the Pride and Prejudice graphic novel giveaway, you will earn +1 points for comments made in non-giveaway posts.

Proceed into the Ballroom to mingle and dance.

Bit o'sip sip gossip...

Duchess Daphe intimates that there is a giveaway for:

Longbourn's Unexpected Matchmaker
by Emma Hox
Release date: Nov 10, 2009

Description and enter to win:
Would Pride and Prejudice have been different if Colonel Fitzwilliam had accompanied Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy to Netherfield?
-offer ends December 10, 2009

*Bit o'trivia: Private balls began in the evening around 8:00 pm with Supper served at 12:00 am and ending around 3:00 am. -Jane Austen for Dummies (page 95)

*source for ballroom scene at Risky Regencies


  1. Lady Vee and her husband, Lord Vee stand at the door and greets arrivals. Mr. Darcy is mysteriously not present. hmmmm.

  2. Greetings, I am honored to be here tonight (fanning oneself rapidly). It is a truely elogant night and the ballroom looks simply stunning!

    Lady Eleanor

  3. Good evening, it is a pleasant evening is it not? I would like to start by thanking our gracious hosts Lord and Lady Vee for orchestrating such a wonderful ball (curtseying and bowing head elegantly). In the circle to which I belong I attend many balls every season but I have yet to be at one with as many handsome couples and talented musicians as are here tonight. Why I hope it is not presumptuous of me to state that this is the best ball of these past 3 seasons at least.

    Lady Elizabeth

  4. Welcome Lady Elizabeth, so nice to see you at this grand affair.
    -Lady Vee

  5. Looks around the corner of the door, into the now empty hall... and than runns up the stairs with her dress (to high?) above her ancles...
    (hoping Darcy isn't around to watch this)


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