Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pemberley Ball - Z6

Meanwhile, back with Lady J:

When the last of the undead have been brained, and the infected quarantined in another room, I go back to Miss Whomever to retrieve my fan. As I turn around, there is Darcy standing far closer to me than is appropriate. I can actually feel the heat of his body. He has his jacket back on, which is a shame, but his hair his beautifully tussled from the fight and sweat.

“Would you grant me the great honor and pleasure of this next dance?” he asks.

I’m about to swoon or faint or do a dance of joy, I’m not sure.

But ever so coolly, I manage to say, “Allow me a moment to fetch my shoe.”


*Guest Blogger, J.T. of Bibliofreak

- guest post titled: We Danced, We Slayed, Not Necessarily in That Order (cont.)

*source for fan


  1. And while she's fetching her shoe....(hands rub together mischievously, he he)!

  2. Lady Vee taps Lady J on the shoulder and convinces her to come away to the powder room to freshen up before her dance with Darcy. Thus, making the way clear for Lady Godiva or any opportunists. ;-D

  3. Lady Vee you traitorous bitch! However, I do need to dry off this shoe, or else I will be making a slushslush noise during my dance.

  4. Lady Vee looks wide-eyed at Lady J. A slowly covers her face with her fan.

  5. My computer or/and Blogger are hunt by zombies or such...
    I'm not sure if I can comment anymore tonight... help.


    (aka my computer crashed etc. grrr)


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