Friday, November 20, 2009

Pride and Prejudice crossword

Pride and Prejudice

Included here is a link to a crossword puzzle to help pass the time until...

The Pemberley Ball
commences live tomorrow
6-8pm PST

And you can listen to actor, Dominic West, read the first Darcy proposal scene aloud. I was alerted to this from The Courtier's Book who saw it from Fuzzy Cricket.


  1. Sweet! I know I'm so crude in my American speech!

    Lady Godiva;)

  2. Hurrah! And thank you for this delightful diversion until the recommencement of the festivities on the morrow when I shall once again delight in your company; until that time good night to you all

    Lady Elizabeth

  3. Delightful respite, my dear! The Illustrious Francis and I have spent a most tiresome day, what with catching up on all those calling cards that a debutante such as Ms. Francis is wont to be rather inundated with. Shall we say typical?!
    Until the morn,
    Salutations to all ~
    Mrs. Mary D
    Secretary to the Illustrious, if illegitimate Ms. Francis Faye Fitzwilliam

    Post Script:
    Would it be considered forward were the Ms. Francis to inquire as to the anticipated presence of eligible bachelors at said Ball?

  4. I am desperately trying to make time to attend the festivities! Thanks so much for the invite:D

  5. Alas, due to a family emergency Lord A and I must be away tonight, but I will catch up when I can, and we will be once again in attendance on the morrow!

    Lady Godiva

  6. I am zo deezappointed zhat I meesed last night (a touch of zee vapors). And I am afraid I will mees Sunday as well; zee Marquis is most anxious to return home to the chateau. But I am certainly going to try to attend tonight for a time.
    (ie, eastern time v. pacific time sucks)

    La Marquessa

  7. it SO late already?
    (oh...never mind, I'm late anyway)
    I'll be back, I hope, soon!


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