Saturday, November 7, 2009

Love Songs by Banana Yoshimoto

Love Songs
second novella from Asleep
by Banana Yoshimoto

Published: 1989
Translated: 2001
Hardback: 192 pages
Genre: Ghosts

Description from book:
...a ghost story where a woman finds her sleep haunted by another woman whom she was once pitted against in a love triangle.

My thoughts:
In-a-word: frenemy

Like the first novella in the book, Night and Night's Travelers, death is present.

When inebriated or asleep, the main character, Fumi, experiences strange visions. She decides to visit a midget psychic for answers. The psychic enables Fumi to communicate with the ghostie to resolve unsettled issues.

I left the story with the "if only" feeling. If only we could all resolve issues before death comes upon us.

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*character mentions ghost reference from Hoichi, the Earless (my review)

*note: interesting how midgets and dwarves are stereotyped in stories as a device for surreal or dream sequences - I remember this brought up in the movie In Bruges by the dwarf character, Jimmy. His character is an actor in a film (yes, a film within a film) and after a film shoot, he laments about his plight.


  1. I hate those If only feelings.theres something about the cover...hmmm

  2. Has anyone ever told you you blog too much? I've been derelict in my commenting, and have been avoiding your blog as the number of unread posts in my Google Reader gets higher and higher. 76. You have 76 posts unread by me. Part of the problem is that over the last few days, maybe even a week, I've been going through my Reader alphabetically, and so that means you come towards the end. Of course. I'm not to the V section yet, but decided I better get through your ridiculous amount of posts and maybe that will lesson my load.

    I may regret saying this, but Keep up the good work!


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