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Darcy Darcy Darcy

Darcy series
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Everything Austen Challenge
by Pepper of A Season With Austen

Darcy Through the years - 2008
Darcy Through the years - 2003
Darcy Through the years - 1998
Darcy Through the years - 2005
Darcy Through the years - 2001
Darcy Through the years - 1995
Darcy Through the years - 1980
Darcy Through the years - 1940

One to watch out for:

A Novel of Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, and Their Other Loves
by Ann Herendeen

Release date: January 2010

Jane Austen's most popular novel has enthralled generations of readers, as proud Mr. Darcy meets his match in witty and prejudiced Elizabeth Bennet. But only now can the hidden story be told, of the two parallel loves that complicate this ideal romance: Darcy's controlling affection for the gentleman-like Charles Bingley; and the sympathetic intimacy between Elizabeth and her more practical friend, Charlotte Lucas.

Written in a comparable 'bright and sparkling' style, "Pride/Prejudice" 'fills the gaps' in Austen's story, daring to imagine the full truth suggested by the original. What is Darcy's real motivation for preventing Bingley's marriage to Elizabeth's beautiful and virtuous sister Jane? How can Darcy reconcile his desire for Elizabeth with his determination to save his friend from a similar entanglement? And what is the disturbing history behind Darcy's tortured relationship with his foster brother, George Wickham?

"Pride/Prejudice" brings to light all the buried secrets, weaving a tale of intertwined passions that must be resolved through honesty and forgiveness, the humbling of pride and freedom from prejudice.

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