Monday, November 16, 2009

Mansfield Park Haiku

Mansfield Park Haiku
faint of heart am I
"I do not wish to" says I
hence, I, get the guy

My entry for Bibliofreak's Everything Austen mini-challenge giveaway (details here). -offer ends November 28, 2009.

Enter to win your own Jane Austen action figure heroine!

She was created to stand atop your desk with super cute teeny-weeny quill in hand to be your muse and inspire you to write, write and write some more.

*zombies not included

*sea monsters not included

*fangs retracted

*part of my Everything Austen challenge

*source image of Fanny and Edmund


  1. ooh! I love yoru haiku! I want to enter this contest, but I am SO not creative. I'll be thinking for weeks about a haiku.

  2. Your haiku is AWESOME!!! Very creative, I bet you win :D

  3. hmm, i do sort of wonder what a P&P&Z haiku would be like. I will writes one just for you:

    zombies at the ball
    but my gown interferes with
    high kicks to the head


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