Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Robots and Donuts and Zombies

It's Wednesday and time for my Weekly Zombies. I couldn't resist.

I'm in the robots and donuts mode from yesterday. I think donuts will be my theme this week. Let me know if you come across any donut and/or robot related books or fun stuff.

The Dawn of the Donut poster was created by Carrie of Caged Tomato who is an illustrator, designer, foodie. She is also currently nurturing an obsession with donuts. She has some cute (non-zombie) vintage food related prints and cards at etsy. I originally spotted Dawn of the Donut at the zombie blog, Send More Cops.

As for zombie robots, here's an interesting article I found back in July.

Five REAL Flesh Eating Zombie Robots

The government has created mechanical zombies that can feed off of the environment around them to keep powering themselves!

1998: The Gastrobot
2001: The Slugbot
2004: The Eco-Bot II
2008: Rodent brain-powered robots
2009: EATR (vegetarian robots)

Imagination Designs
Images from: Lovelytocu