Thursday, June 10, 2010

SteamPink: Private car - Giada

Meet: Alice
Occupation: Anthropologist
Location: Steamland
Genre: Steampunk, Action, Vampires

We are discovering steampunk locations in other countries besides England, France and America. The latest finds includes this one. This report covers the Italian steampunk front by Society member, Giada.

Alice nel paese della Vaporità
by Francesco Dimitri
official book site

-not yet translated from Italian to English

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by Giada
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Description from Giada:
Ben is a young Londoner who suffers from hallucinations. He reads manuscripts for work. One night he receives a book , Alice in Steamland (Alice nel Paese della Vaporità).

It is the story of Alice, an anthropologist who lives in a Victorian London that never existed.

Alice travels in Steamland, a land filled with a gas that causes hallucinations and mutations. A land where reality changes every moment, in which 'right' and 'wrong' are just words and where words themselves become smells and emotions.

Alice’s adventure begins as a quest that it is immediately transformed into a life-and-death struggle.

Alice has to survive in a dark land, where there is no difference between horror and wonder.

Ben reads her story.

And something happens to him.

Giada's thoughts:
Alice in Steamland is a book that begs to be devoured. Alice is one of the most unconventional character you can ever imagine, who shares only her name with Alice in Wonderland. The similarities with the masterpiece of Lewis Carrol are not many, only a few characters like a ruthless queen, a psychopathic white rabbit, a creature similar to the blue Caterpillar and Chesy, who recalls the Cheshire Cat.

Steamland is located outside the city of London, a steampunk capital where sophisticated machines work thanks to the steam, populated by vampires, monsters and strange flying creatures.

Steamland is a place of wonders of overwhelming beauty and glimpses of unspeakable horror, an illusory world where, until the end, you cannot understand what is the fruit of Alice’s imagination and what really exists.

With a plot dense of such bizarre situations in a world of “Flesh, Enchantment and Dream”, descriptions involving all five senses and a brilliant writing style, this is a book that won’t disappoint the highest expectations.

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by Giada
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