Saturday, June 12, 2010

SteamPink: Conductor survey

Dear Devonian Express riders,

The final stop for the Devonian Express is moments away.

To enhance future train rides and events, please take the time to complete this 5 question survey while you sip your tea or gulp your coffee.

Please note that if you have entered any of the SteamPink giveaways the survey needs only to be completed once and is mandatory.

You may want to visit E. Fenwick's coach car again. There is a special discount offer for the ebook -- only 99 cents at the amazon!

Thank you for your patronage.

--The management.

ps: if you have trouble with the form below, you can complete the form here too

Note on ebooks from Bonnie, a fellow steampink passenger:
Ladies (and any gents who might be lurking), you don't have to have an e-reader. Amazon provides a free Kindle download FOR YOUR COMPUTER on demand. I have the softwear installed on mine. It took all of three minutes. Everyone thinks the Kindle is the device, but it's actually the program. So, go to Amazon, click on the link, download Kindle for My computer and then download as many kindle books as you like. Yes, you have to sit at your terminal to read them, but it's probably no more time than you'd spend doing other internet related activities in front of your monitor.



* image source inside train

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  1. Hello Velvet ! The form is cropped. :( Could you maybe post the direct link ? :)

  2. I completed the survey! This time I really really hope to be so lucky to win a steampunk giveaway!*-* All these books are soooooo interesting!

  3. I have enjoyed the journey, especially the artifacts and receipes. I also liked looking at the magazines.
    I filled out he survey.

  4. Oh well, I must be the only one who can't see the whole questions! I can guess what they say though, I'll give it a try.

    Velvet, this event (which I couldn't join this week unfortunately, I'm a tad late!) was, as always, very creative and original. You rock. :)

  5. I had a fantastic time, thanks for organizing all these great and fun events! :-)

  6. Form complete! Thanks for hosting this amazing event! Was the best part of my rained out vacation!

  7. Form complete! This was SO MUCH FUN and I will try to spread the word to more of my friends who would take interest in participating next time. It was such a unique idea and it was executed very well.

  8. This is a great Steampunk blog. I have been looking for more information about books with a steampunk theme. Thank you!!

  9. Thanks for hosting this fun event! I'm sorry I could only partially join in (busy work week). But riding the train in semi-seclusion was fabulous! : )

    PS The form is cropped for me, too, but if you highlight the question with your cursor you can finish it. : )

  10. I had an amazing time--you may have changed my mind about traveling by something other than airship travel!

    Lexie filled out the survey, and I'm off to have a look around before I wander into some new adventure!


  11. This has been such a fun week! Thank you for hosting a wonderful slew of steampunk reading, I had a terrific time and learned about so many amazing books/authors/goodies (as well as more steampunk knowledge in general)!

    U ROCK :D

    ps - filled out the form

  12. I completed out the form.
    @Charlotte (The Book on the Hill) - I couldn't see all of the questions either so I guessed as well.

  13. Thanks for hosting this event! It was terrific :D

  14. Survey done! This has been so much fun! It's making me miss blogging, as I really haven't had that much time to devote to it lately. :-(
    Thanks for a fabulous event!


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