Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Save the date: Pemberley Ball

Save the date:
Pemberley Ball
November 18-20, 2010

hosted by
the other Mr Darcy

Another ball is being held for those of you who missed your chance to capture Mr Darcy's heart at last year's Pemberley Ball. Ah yes, our Mr Darcy is now in wedded bliss with Elizabeth. But, there is another Darcy who is quite eligible.

Invitations will go out in October.

In comments, tell the other Mr Darcy what you would like to see, hear or do at the upcoming Pemberley Ball. You can make special requests and he'll try to accommodate.

Now listen to a special message from the other Mr Darcy about the ball...


* excuse my crude humor ;-D

~~- Pemberley Ball schedule -~~


  1. I LOVE your posts Velvet! XD I'll save the date. Maybe the other Mr Darcy could be so generous to dance with me for my birthday. (Even if it's a day before the ball! :P)
    I'll eventually have to learn how to dance properly! :P

    B) I'm so going.
    C) Dibs on dancing the Cha-Cha Slide with the other Mr. D. *wiggles eyebrows*

  3. Ironic, she's got the biggest balls of them all....

    I would ask Mr. Darcy, to serve fruit punch at the ball, and maybe the other Mr. Darcy would have a dance with this fine lady?

  4. Super belatedly -- I'm so very excited about your upcoming events!

  5. Just checkin' out upcoming *events* and found this LOL

    mmmmm...wonder if the other Mr.Darcy needs his cumberbund adjusted, I must remember to inquire ;D

  6. :O :O :O
    That was GREAT! *bouncing* *ballz*

    Hmmmm. After hearing this, not so sure that it's would be his *cumberbund* that needs adjusting


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