Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mansfield Park: Suspects

Dear guests, we have come to the moment where speculations and assumptions must be put aside. What are your conclusions for the affair at hand? Wild guesses are acceptable.

Miss ScarlettKnifeConservatory
Colonel MustardCandlestickLounge
Mrs. WhitePistolLibrary
Mr. GreenRopeStudy
Mrs. PeacockLead PipeKitchen
Professor PlumWrenchDining Room

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Based on the list above, give me you best guess. In comments give me your email and tell me...

Who did the deed? What is the cause of Mr Boddy's demise?

Name the suspect, weapon, room the crime was committed and possible motive.

Feel free to be creative and if you feel that someone else (not on the list) is suspect, then specify the other.

Contest has ended - winner is here


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