Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mansfield Park: Suspects

Dear guests, we have come to the moment where speculations and assumptions must be put aside. What are your conclusions for the affair at hand? Wild guesses are acceptable.

Miss ScarlettKnifeConservatory
Colonel MustardCandlestickLounge
Mrs. WhitePistolLibrary
Mr. GreenRopeStudy
Mrs. PeacockLead PipeKitchen
Professor PlumWrenchDining Room

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Based on the list above, give me you best guess. In comments give me your email and tell me...

Who did the deed? What is the cause of Mr Boddy's demise?

Name the suspect, weapon, room the crime was committed and possible motive.

Feel free to be creative and if you feel that someone else (not on the list) is suspect, then specify the other.

Contest has ended - winner is here


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  1. I think it was Professor Plum in the Conservatory and he used the rope!
    It's all because Mr Boddy didn't want to fund his research on modern mummyfication!

  2. In my opinion this is the doing of a man, because a woman would use more subtle ways to kill, other weapons. And the man who killed Mr Boddy must be strong, because he surely didn't use a pistol. Mr Boddy wasn't shot.
    At the beginning I believed It could be a crime committed out of jelousy. We know that Colonel Mustard has been smitten by Mrs. Peacock and Miss Scarlet (whose eyes were only for Mr Boddy's money). But now I don't think that's what happened.
    We know that Mr Green had certain dealings with Mr Boddy, and maybe these were deallings of mummies. But why kill Mr Boddy? Money? He is a thief and he is smart. He would have found other ways to get the money.
    Mrs White is interested only in Mr Boddy's money. But she would gain nothing from his death.
    Professor Plum is smart and maybe his being scatterbrained is only a disguise. He has been interviewed in the study, and there a letter about mummies has been found.
    I can't find any valid motive for Mrs. White to kill Mr Boddy. But maybe she has discovered Mr Boddy illegal dealings (mummies?) and to defend herself from being killed from Mr Boddy, she accidentally killed him.
    Mrs. Peacock has been interviewd in the library and there the book about mummies has been found. She seems fond of reading and she must be smart. She was part of Mr Boddy's entourage. Maybe she had something to do with Mr Boddy's illegal dealings.

    My best guess is that Mrs Peacock murdered Mr Boddy. But it was not her doing. She let Colonel Mustard do it for her. Mrs Peacock deceived the Colonel, telling him that if he would kill Mr Boddy they could take his money and ran away togheter. Colonel Mustard fell in her trap because in love with her.
    This is why he killed Mr Boddy.
    The real reason behind this crime is that Mrs Peacock helped Mr Boddy with his illegal dealings of mummies, but he refused to give her her share of the money. Thanks to the Colonel she could revenge herself and maybe convice him to steal the money. And then she would find a way to kill the Colonel, too.
    I think that the weapon is the knife sticking out of the dirt in one of the planter boxes in the conservatory. And it is exactly in the conservatory where the crime was committed, because it’s a deserted place where no one ever goes. Then the body has been moved by Mrs Peacock and Colonel Mustard, far away from the place and murder weapon.

  3. I have written:
    *Mrs White is interested only in Mr Boddy's money. But she would gain nothing from his death.*

    Sorry I meant Miss Scarlet!>_<

  4. My stab is probably left in the dark, but I have sneaky suspicions of Mrs. Peacock. She was worried about the candlestick, and was determined to get it out of the conservatory. I can only assume, this is because the deed was done, by Mrs. Peacock, with the candlestick, in the Lounge. She has always had it in for Bobby, since he dated her daughter and broke her heart.

  5. Mary D
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

    Hmmm ....... well, not too sure here. I do agree with Freda regarding Mrs. Peacock. I've never trusted the woman lol

    However, I'm not a very good sleuth, so I'm going to guess outside the *box* with this crazy, improbable deduction:

    Mr. Boddy's death was an ACCIDENT.(motivation - Mr. Boddy was a klutz)
    I think he slipped on an almond puff in the kitchen, got tangled up in a rope and fell on a knife, tipping the candlestick off onto his head in the process.


  6. it was miss scarlett with the knife in the study....and it was completely self-defense. after all, no means NO!

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

  7. It was Mrs. Peacock with a rope in the Conversatory. She's was in love with Mr. Boddy, but he had thing for Mr's White, so she killed him.

  8. It was Mr Green in the conservatory with the pistol. He has always been hot headed.

  9. It was Miss Scarlett with the pistol in the Library. You want to know why? Because Mr. Boddy wanted to break off their engagement because he fell in love with Mrs. White (who just recently became a widow) and wanted to marry her.

    Miss Sacrlett besides the prospect of losing all that money and a grand estate could not bear the humiliation of being stood up and especially that his fiancé wanted to marry an older woman! The horror!

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. It was Mrs. White in the kitchen with a candlestick. Having spent the past 10 years cooking and cleaning for Mr. White she was ready to run off and start a new life with Mr. Boddy who treated her as a woman, not just a glorified cook and maid. When Mr. Boddy came into the kitchen and suggested that she belonged there, barefoot and pregnant, Mrs. White had finally had enough. Grabbing the closest thing handy, she bashed his head in, turned the stove off and called for dinner reservations. Party of one.

  11. It was Mr. Green with the lead pipe in the kitchen, because he got frustrated when he couldn't get the sink to stop dripping!

    meredithfl at gmail dot com


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