Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zombies vs. Angels

Last month was a Supernatural Showdown which was a joint venture between Karin’s Book Nook and Badass Bookie


Zombies vs. Angels

Guess who won?


Angels with 61% of the vote.


Be still my zombie heart.

OKAYYYYYYYYYYYY folks, how would you vote if it came down to...

Zombies vs. Angels

* to clarify, we're talking about such creatures in works of fiction. Which do you prefer to find in your reading material?


*** Book Giveaway ***

Win Strange Angels (zombie included) by Lilith St. Crow or my ARC of Halo by Alexandra Adornetto. You get to pick.

Open to all.

Offer ends: September 30, 2010

TO DO (3-parts):

1. Sign guestbook (if you haven't already).

2. Answer the question above. Are you Team Zombies or Team Angels?

3. If you win, which book would you want?


Contest has ended - winner is here


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