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After the End by Bonnie Dee

After the End
by Bonnie Dee
- ebook

Published: 2009
Genre: Post-apocalypse, Zombies
Rating: 4

Description from the amazon:
The end of the world is only the beginning.

Zombies are on the loose and the world is falling apart. In the tradition of apocalyptic novels such as Stephen King’s THE STAND, a group of strangers on a Manhattan subway are brought together in the name of survival.

The group follows the lead of Ari Brenner, a young man who doesn’t recognize his own leadership qualities and believes they follow him simply because he wears an army uniform. Lila Teske, a college student studying philosophy, finds her non-violent beliefs tested in the crucible of a zombie attack. There are other members of the diverse group, but the focus of the story is on Ari and Lila, two young people who learn about sacrifice and inner strength through the ordeal.

With the city’s infrastructure down and communication with the outside world curtailed the survivors head toward the nearest marina. When they meet a lab tech who may have a solution to the virus, they know his safety is paramount and it’s more important than ever that they get off the island.

But zombies aren’t the only danger that impedes them on their perilous journey.

My two-bits:
In-a-word(s): captain
A virus causes the zombie outbreak in this story that follows a group of survivors. Along with fighting against zombies the issues of individual and group dynamics in survival situations are addressed.

What got me thinking was the questions of to stay? or go?

In a zombocalypse world would you choose to stay put and wait for the cavalry? or be on the move and seek others?

fyi:kindle edition is currently available for $2.39.

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