Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Book Blogger Zombie Giveaway 2010

Stop running.

There's no where to hide.

Aahhhhhhh. urghhhhhh. unhhhhhh.

You've run into a dead end.

My fellow zombie book bloggers and I have caught up to you despite our slow-going shuffling and moaning.


We have you cornered and one of us has managed to "bite" you before you escaped.

OK, you've climbed over a chain link fence away from our grabbing hands.

You're safe from our death grips.

But... not for long.

Oops, times up.

You are now an unmentionable - living undead - (ahem) zombie.

Welcome to the Z world!

Take the zombie quiz and find out what kind of zombie you are.

Beware, here is my result...

To satisfy those zombie urges, you are forced into the blogosphere to "infect" one or more bloggers.

To be cured of this zombification and to win a copy of...

by Mira Grant

You must do the following (3-parts):

1. "bite" another book blogger

How to bite:

- Visit a book blogger - preferably one you know

- Read one of their posts
(must be about books, because we are book zombies)

- Leave them a nice comment

- And tell them they have been "bitten by a book blogger zombie" and if they want to find a cure before turning into a zombie they should visit this link (provide link to this post so they know who is responsible for the zombie craziness)

2. Fill out the Biter form below.

3. Take the quiz above and tell me in comments - What kind of zombie you are.

Open to all.

Offer ends: September 30, 2010.

You only need to bite one book blogger but you can earn
+1 per additional book bloggers bitten (up to a total of 5).

Now, go.

Go and feast on book bloggers.

Oh yeah, just bite... no brainsssssss.

Have you been bitten by a book blogger zombie?

If you have been bitten by a book blogger zombie and seeking the cure, you've come to the right place.

Fill out the Bitten form and you will be eligible to win...

Shakespeare Undead
by Lori Handeland
prize courtesy of author

Yes, it's that simple. Just fill out the form below informing me who "bit" you.

And while you're here, why not check out the other zombie reviews and giveaways on the September Zombies week events schedule.

BUT, you can also choose to partake in the first giveaway offer above and be transformed into a book blogger zombie. This means you'd have to go out and "bite" a book blogger per instructions above. And yes, you can bite back the person who bit you ;-D

The choice is yours.


Contest has ended - winner is here


*image source: Blog of the Living Dead

** yup, there are two giveaway offers in this post - it's zombie madness!

***yup, you can go totally zombie on me and enter both!

=== September Zombies schedule of events
with links to posts and giveaways from the other Zombiettes===


  1. I'm the same zombie as you. Resident Evil.

  2. You are a Return of the Living Dead Zombie. You were brought back from the grave by exposure to 245-Trioxin. You crave the heavenly taste of spicy brains to stop the pain of being dead. You are virtually indestructible, as even burning you up will create Zombie Rain and raise more zombies.

  3. Great Giveaway!!!

    I am:

    You are a Return of the Living Dead Zombie!

  4. I am a Rage Zombie. Infected monkeys attacked some PETA zealots, and 28 days later, you're a mindless raging living zombie. You never died, but in the 20 seconds between your infection and zombification, you wish you had. You can be killed with surprising ease.

    Yay...I love 28 Days Later...Cillian Murphy *sigh* Can I eat him...LOL?!

  5. I was a "Romero Zombie"...I don't even know what that

  6. I am a Resident Evil Zombie. As long as you throw books are me, you can keep me some what in control. Just don't linger, my dear as feeding on brains gives me the same high as feeding on books.

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  7. I'm a Rage Zombie, apparently I was bitten by angry monkeys at a PETA rally. Who knew! luckily (for y'all, I mean), I'm fairly easy to destroy. :\
    I recently read Feed, it was so amazingly good! I loved George and Shaun, they're two of my favorite characters, it had a lot going on: humor, heart ache, political intrigue, conspiracy, mystery, and a goodly dose of gore.

  8. Another Resident Evil zombie checking in :)

    Yet, this could be a direct result of having watched the kids play EVERY single version of Resident Evil (AND the movies).

    I'm just a product of my *environment* :P


    We need a zombie emoticon ...

  9. thank you for these awesome giveaways! :D
    I'm a Return of the Living Dead Zombie. >_<

  10. Nice contest. Thanks Mary Ann for biting me. Oh I really want the Shakespeare book. It would be the perfect end to my current class Shakespeare off the page.
    Also my I recommend The Reapers are the Angels by Alden Bell. For you zombie lovers it is a fresh look at zombies.

  11. *Evil Laugh* I'm about to share the love and infect another blogger. Thanks for the bite!


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