Monday, September 27, 2010

Zombie Plate: Pontypool Changes Everything

Another one to share with you from my zombie tbr pile...

Pontypool Changes Everything
by Tony Burgess

Description from the amazon:
The dark side of humanity is explored in this electrifying science fiction thriller in which an epidemic virus terrorizes the earth. Causing its inhabitants to strike out on murderous rampages, the virus is caught through conversation and, once contracted, leads its host on a strange journey—into another world where the undead roam the streets of the smallest towns and largest cities, hungry for human flesh.

Describing in chilling detail what it would be like if thousands suddenly caught such a virus and struck out on a mass, never-ending, cannibalistic spree, this terrifying narrative is perfect for those who are ready to explore their darkest secret imaginings through a sinister and compelling literary work of art.

fyi: there is also a movie version of this


* first heard of this from book review and movie review from Fishmuffins of Doom -- chilling

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  1. :0
    virus caught thru conversation?! Now THERE'S a grim idea ... [suddenly I'm picturing all the hopeful survivors studying up on sign language in a MIGHTY big hurry lol]

  2. OMG, my bro just bought the dvd of this film the other day!1
    Heeh now I am gonna pester him to watch it with me!
    Thankies! XD


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