Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Valley of the Dead

Valley of the Dead
by Kim Paffenroth

Description from the amazon:
Working from Dante's "Inferno" to draw out the reality behind the fantasy, author Kim Paffenroth unfolds the horrifying true events that led Dante to fictionalize the account of his lost years ...

For seventeen years of his life, the exact whereabouts of the medieval Italian poet Dante Alighieri are unknown to modern scholars. It is known that during this time he traveled as an exile across Europe, working on his epic poem, "The Divine Comedy."

In his masterpiece he describes a journey through the three realms of the afterlife. The most famous of its three volumes, "Inferno," describes hell. During his lost wanderings, Dante stumbled upon an infestation of the living dead.

The unspeakable acts he witnessed--cannibalism, live burnings, evisceration, crucifixion, and dozens more--became the basis of all the horrors described in Inferno.

Afraid to be labeled a madman, Dante made the terrors he experienced into a more "believable" account of an otherworldly adventure filled with demons and mythological monsters. But at last, the real story can finally be told.


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2. Read this interview with Kim and tell me something that caught your attention.


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  1. Signed guestbook.

    I'm a big fan of George Romero's work so the fact that Kim used the original Romero movies as the main focus for his book “Gospel of The Living Dead" was interesting. I'm going to have to check this book out.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  2. Signed Guestbook. Thanks for the contest!
    I found out from the interview that Kim is a fan of Flannery O' Connor. I am too!

  3. I found out she is a very intelligent and cult person.
    Her take on "The Road" is very good and her inspirations are top notch!

  4. What caught my attention was that he writes in the zombie/survival horror genre. I didn't even know that such a genre existed.

  5. I found out that she's working on her first ever non-zombie book. This one will be about ghosts! Not as cool and bloody as zombies but still sounds good :)

  6. Signed the guestbook.
    What caught my attention was how she explored Dante. He went from a writer to character with the help of poetry. I thought that was pretty neat.

  7. I signed the guest book too.

    Reading the interview, I thought it interesting that Kim initially had trouble approaching Dante as a character, since he only knew him as a writer. I imagine that does make things difficult.

    And thanks for hosting a great giveaway--I've had this book on my wish list for a while and have my fingers crossed. :)

  8. I signed the guestbook.

    I think it was a very insightful interview, regarding how he viewed the genre evolving. I really like his take that pretty soon, this genre will be considered more mainstream.
    This is also evident because he says that reading just horror will not make you able to write the "Zombie" theme appropriately...
    And it's true.. This is more than Zombie Survival, it's development and evolution as a person and as a psyche for most of the characters.

  9. I'm loving the series so far -- fabulous mix of authors, too. Mr Paffenroth's comment ...theodicy and how the living can be more evil than the undead, for example... really grabbed me. So very true. Horror often articulates very real, rationale fears our society struggles with, and it's a shame it's considered less than literary! The topics grappled with are just as heavy!

  10. Signed the guestbook.

    As much as I love zombies (I'm a little obsessed) it would be awesome to get a ghost story from Kim.


  11. signed the guest book

    what cuaght my eye besides Dante but also because she didnt know about parnormal romance before 2007

  12. Melville and Flannery O’Connor.
    Two amazing choices!
    I am her fan right about now!

  13. You can’t learn to write horror if you read just horror.

    i think that's good advice for any writer in any genre...

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

  14. I just find it interesting that he's a professor of religious studies, and writes about zombies. I guess I've just been exposed to way too many straight and narrow religion profs. Very interested to see Kim's take on Dante.

    Signed the guest book.


  15. 1. I signed the guestbook
    2. I think it was interesting that she mentioned The Road. That was just so powerful, it left me with such a wierd feeling.

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com


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