Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Blooming

The Blooming
by Tonia Brown

First heard about this book from Undead in the Head.

Excerpt from Lyle's review:
My first erotic story is done and to tell you the truth I didn’t really find it any different then the rest of the stuff I read. Yeah there are sexual referencing words here and there but nothing I haven’t seen in other books.
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Excerpt from his interview with Tonia:
Lyle: What interests you about zombies?

Tonia: I think it’s their tenacity that catches my mind the most. They just don’t stop. Ever. Ever in all that is ever. Something that obstinate gives me the chills. I couldn’t imagine running on and on and on, only to learn that what is after me and my precious life is still chasing me even though I can’t run another step. Serial killers sleep. Most monsters sleep. Even vampires rest during the daylight hours. Zombies don't.

That and the gore is just so much fun!
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