Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Zombocalypse Survival Kit

It might be a good time to plan ahead for a Zombocalypse. Click on the image above for a bigger snapshot to use as a guide.

In addition, CSN stores may have what you're looking for when putting together a Zombocalypse Survival Kit. Sure, they've got great end tables for a living room ensemble but other items as well.

Other items that might come in handy...

The Brass Butterfly Colonial Candle Holder
with Large Handle

When the power goes out, you'll have to resort to good old-fashioned candles. This candle holder could be of use.

Rockland Tote Bag
in Pink Giraffe

How about a nice tote bag to lug around essentials in?

Croquet Set
Franklin Sports Outdoor Games
Advanced 6 Player

In the movie, Dawn of the Dead (2004) one of the characters arms himself with a croquet mallet to fend off zombies.


Opt for a $100 gift certificate to pick out your own goods.

*** CSN Grab Giveaway ***
Prize above (you pick)
courtesy of CSN stores


You may need to read this ebook to see what may be in store for you
in a zombie-filled world.

After the End
by Bonnie Dee
courtesy of author

Open to all.

Offer ends: September 30, 2010

TO DO (3-parts):

1. Sign guestbook (if you haven't already).

2. What item above would you GRAB for your zombocalypse survival kit?

3. If you are the winner,

What prize would you pick (if different than your answer for #2)?


Contest has ended - winner is here


* prize courtesy of CSN stores
With such selection, savings and service, many have said that CSN Stores is the best-kept secret in online shopping.

* image source of prizes from CSN stores decor, luggage, and patio & garden

* source zombie survival sheet

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  1. Signed guestbook.
    I would totally go for the croquet set. You can bash any zombie's head in with that!
    If I won the gift certificate, I would use it to get new dishware and flatware for my new home. Need some new stuff, and it too can defend against zombies!

  2. Signed the guest book
    Like most people I would have to say the croquet set - cuz they are awesome weapon -- and if you need to relax after bashing in zombies -- you got yourself a fun game
    As for if I won -- I would get my hubby a new frying pan for the one I accidentally destroyed -- hmmm, maybe I will tell him it got broken while defending myself from zombies ; )

  3. Fairly certain I signed the guest book.
    In case of zombocalypse, I would purchase this fancy, heirloom standing mirror. I would place it at the blind corner in my hallway so I could around said corner and avoid running straight into the embrace of an unseen unmentionable. Granted, the aforementioned brain munchers would be able to see around the corner as well, but I'm betting they don't understand the concept of a mirror and will think it's simply a door with another zombie in it.

  4. signed the guestbook. I would totally go for the croquet set. I could do some serious damage to zombie brains with it. If I won I would probably use the gift certificate to get a new computer chair.
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  5. I think I've signed the guestbook. The Rockland Tote Bag would be great for stashing supplies as I flee from the zombies.

  6. I have already signed the guestbook.
    I would take the croquet set, when you weren't bashing zombies, you would at least have something to do.
    I would take the csn GC, I need a new coffee maker. Can't be falling asleep with zombies around right?

  7. I would love to see a fully stocked Zombie kit!=) LOL!!

    croquet mallet would make a great weapon!!

  8. No candle for me, I've got my zippo always ready (and a can of deodorant to make a small flame-thrower, of course)!
    And you have to keep both hands free, so a backpack is better than a bag.
    Ultimately, the croquet set is the best. You can use the balls as long distance ammunition, even if you loose one mallet you've got spares and the wickets are great to stab whoever attempts to steal from you (very likely in a zombie crisis).

    As for the prize I actually think I would use the certificate on envelopes.
    I am always spending a lot of them and it would be a blast.
    But may be I would go for the funny stuff this time and choose the Croquet Set.

  9. Changed my mind!
    I want the certificate to spend on board games!

  10. I'd have to go with the croquet set, even if it was dark and I needed the candle, I could keep swing the croquet mallet and knock all the zombies out. I was always a good pitcher so I could stun them with the croquet balls. Take that zombies.

    I would probably buy a new computer chair.

    I signed the guestbook.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  11. Signed the guestbook.

    I would go with the croquet set also. I think that would be an important addition to my survivial kit.

    For the prize, it would be either a bookcase or cat supplies.

  12. I signed the guestbook. I'd take the totebag to stash things in as i flee. For the prize a bookcase.

  13. I signed the guest book

    I love that bag its awesome

    would deff have to snag one ofthoseand probably a real survivale kit with bandiads and such never know when ur gonna need that

    if i had to pick somethin besides the tote bag have to say would ahve to go with a book shelf or something

  14. The croquet set to defend myself! :P

    If I won the gift certificate, I would use it to get something for the kitchen.

    Thank you for this chance!

  15. That candle holder is pretty!

    But a bookshelf would be nice.

    Good selection!

  16. i would have to grab the croquet set for my zombie hunting....though a shovel might have more reach for that....

    if i win, i'm going to probably get a ceiling fan or bookcase - as both are needed for our home. that's how you know a bookworm lives in the house - the logical solution is to get rid of books, but instead, we just buy another bookcase and get creative with the stacking! :)

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

  17. Already signed the guestbook!
    What a question... Hmm, the croquet set would be the easy choice, but maybe the bag would be just as useful for keeping everything you need with you, or even for filling it with plain rocks and throwing it at the zombies! lol

    Still, I guess the croquet set! XD

    Hmmm, I'd probably buy some bag or something related to exercise! lol


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