Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zombie Accessories: Library Chair

With the love of books and a growing zombie book collection, one needs this essential piece of furniture in my house. Perhaps, yours too?

A chair, yes, to sit upon while reading. But more importantly...

My zombie books are on the top section of my bookshelves. The fact that I'm on the short side requires something to raise me up to the dead.

Today we got a delivery of the chair above from CSN Stores for review. The hubby received the delivery and took it into the house past our dining room and into our bedroom.

Yes, into the bedroom. This where the hubby just recently installed AWESOME bookshelves to house our books. In fact, we have shelves and books in almost all rooms in the house.

fyi: this transforming chair was mentioned on my Castle: Study post during Fairy Tales in Bruges last month

Hubby says it's sturdy and secure, but heavy. He says the weight of the chair is compensated for by it's structural soundness.

The neat feature of said chair is that it transforms into this step ladder...

Chair features include:

-- 17" x 18" x 34" handcrafted from the finest Canadian Pacific Hemlock

-- Converts from side chair to 3-foot step ladder in the simple movement

-- Legend has it this practical chair was invented by Benjamin Franklin

I was able to convert the chair pretty easily. The 13 year old daughter had no troubles as well.

The only modification on my end is to coat it with a dark finish so that it will match my shelves and things will be just peachy-keen ;-D


Would you be interested in a zombie-related (or other)
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* Library chair is courtesy of CSN stores - Thanks Jamie!
With such selection, savings and service, many have said that CSN Stores is the best-kept secret in online shopping.

* image source of Cedar Delite Library Chair


  1. That chair is very stylish, and I bet it REALLY comes in handy trying to reach the dead lol

    Yeah, good ol' B.F. was certainly a man ahead of his time (actually, I suspect he was secretly a zombie what with the whole bifocal thing he had going on ... cos we know most zombies are notoriously near sighted).

    And yes, oddly enough, I WOULD be interested in a zombie-related or other giveaway from CSN Stores LOL

  2. I would be interested, too. Especially if it is something like that beautiful cake pan for the fairy tale week! ><

  3. That is a very useful chair, one that would be an asset in my home too. I always have a lack of seating when company comes, and could use a step stool too! Ben Franklin is the man for thinking of such useful things!

    Great review!

    Kudos to hubby for the manual labor! ;-)

  4. Okay, that is sweet. I have no where for it to conveniently go, but when I do, I might have to get it.
    As for the manual labor, I have a bookshelf waiting to be put together by my little brother...

  5. :D that chair is a marvel in a half i gotta say. Sadly I'd have no use for the climbing function (everything I need is set to my height since no one else does ANYTHING in this house but me -.- that's not bitterness AT ALL) but it would be nice to have a chair to sit in while waiting for stuff to cook in the kitchen!

  6. That chair looks fantastic! I'm glad you're getting multi-uses out of it. Enjoy!


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